The Hilarion Connection©Update - May 2020


Very Important Message to Read! 

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! These are testing times for all souls upon the planet. There is no longer time to sit on the fence wondering which way to go. One now has to be sure and decisive in their choices that lie immediately ahead for them. It is time for many of the awakened ones to ponder on which Earth reality they are helping to manifest through those choices…to what precepts do these ones give their personal power? If they contemplate and find that their interest and attention lies in exacting justice for crimes against humanity and this is their passionate focus, then perhaps it is time for them to bestir themselves and get personally involved.

If they continue to give their attention only through the reading of the stories, they will and are, creating that reality for themselves. They must be very sure that is what they really want. Mind is the builder and that means their thoughts and focus produce their reality. The energies coming in now will not allow a turning back to change their course midway. Do they really want to experience the reality of the stories they are glued to? We see a lot of soul evolution and growth taking place by those who read and actually ponder on our words. It is time to take being a Lightworker to a whole new level. It is time to take responsibility for what you are creating in the world…it all begins, perpetuates and ends with each individual.

We say to you that when you find yourself in that storyline, it will probably be too late to get yourself out of it, for it will have turned out to be the strongest timeline because that is the one the majority of the people focused on! Can you see what is happening? Change your ways, change your daily habits – begin to at least want to live a hero’s life! The hero’s life is one of self magnificence…by daily devoting time and effort to raising one’s frequency level to higher and higher levels of awareness, perception and the preciousness that is life! There is no room for the serious hero to fritter this opportunity away by indulging in low frequency story lines that take away their freedom, sovereignty and keep them being small by feeling fear.

 Choose to leave the toxic stories behind because they will just continue on being forever handed down by future generations. Immerse yourselves instead in daily practices that keep you in higher frequencies every single day through prayer, meditation, breathwork and participating in all that brings you joy. Remove toxic foods from your food intake, look at your repetitive thoughts…do they serve the magnificent hero that you know yourself to be? If not, change your ways, for that is all it takes! Be meticulously responsible for creating and maintaining high frequency stories and know what you are giving precious life energy and life force to.

By choosing to live in high frequency, challenges are no longer difficult and time consuming. You will be continually inspired to bring about solutions to positively transform your life. Raise the bar of excellence by living more as your magnificent hero self. Mentally and orally align each day with your Divine Essence. This brings freedom and incredible opportunities to you. By living as your hero self, you are re-wiring and enhancing transformation, intelligence, peace, harmony and manifestation possibilities. You become tuned to the Divine flow and the universe hastens to supply your every want and need in endless synchronicity. Changing one’s stories to ‘two thumbs up’ also helps your loved one’s and the future of humanity and the Earth. Give it a sincere commitment of at least a year to experience the magnificent difference!

Until next month,

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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