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   The Hilarion Connection©Update - November 2019




Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! In the continuum of multi-dimensional realities, there is a concerted effort being focused upon during the current times on Earth. All is unfolding in cooperation and harmony with the One, Prime Source, Prime Creator. A way has been found to accelerate the ascension process for the Earth and all of her inhabitants and this is being celebrated in hopeful anticipation of the highest outcome that can be achieved. Throughout the length and breadth of Creation, Beings of Light gather together to send Infinite Light to the Planet Earth. The Dream Weavers on planet Lyra are gathering together to help create the expanded and uplifted version of planet Earth as already existing in the continuum. They are singing, toning, chanting, playing instruments, dancing and visualizing a world that is a shining jewel in the heavens – the new Earth reality.

In each galaxy, there is a representation of the Councils of Light gathering together in unity to achieve what seemed impossible just a few short human years ago. And yet, this miracle is unfolding at almost breathtaking speed! What this means for humanity during these times is the further experiencing of more intensity in the clearing of the four lower bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/etheric. These clearings call forth remembrance of times and events that occurred in the past and the present, which in turn affects the future. This is where those of you who have come to Earth from the future are being intuitively prompted to do certain things at certain times in order that a certain theme that is coming forth in the collective consciousness gets dissolved and cleared to make room for a higher perspective to take hold and in this way, a greater good takes place for All.

The way forward is being opened up one event at a time to allow an integration to take effect before the next comes into view. Daily alignment with one’s Divine Self is of paramount importance and we cannot stress this enough. A command such as “I engage with my Divine Template the thought that I am one integrated consciousness and Light that flows in alignment with Divine Will. So be it!” When you engage your Divine Template (your original Divine Self), you magnify your energy and frequency and this builds up over persistent use. This method can be used in many ways, even for Earth healing and clearing, sending Light to any situation where it is needed. It must be pointed out that one is using their Creator power of command with the words “so be it!” so it behooves a person to have clarity in their intention for the outcome they desire to create before responsibly utilizing it.

 And with this being said – those who have reached and earned this advanced stage in the Ascension process are now entering the Creator training program. It is your personal guides and Planetary Councils of Light who will direct your attention into the areas you need to focus upon. This will be different for each person, however, there will be overlap with others who have a similar mission on Earth. You will find yourselves seeking or being attracted to, certain people with whom you resonate and will join with them in unity, harmony and a sense of community as the group focuses on the areas of your interest. Your personal guides are paving and clearing the way for your highest destiny path and potential to come into manifestation. It is your task to become observant of the happenings that are occurring in your life and the greater world around you.

Your higher intuitive faculties are becoming much more sensitive and opened and your six physical senses are becoming more acute in what is being perceived. Some of you will perceive others communing with you through telepathic means so that you have a two-way conversation with them. Some will hear others speaking to them clairaudiently. Some of you will have your sense of smell become very attuned to something or someone thousands of miles from your home. You will be able to recognize soul energy signatures, not only those of the higher realms but also the people around you or connected to you in some manner. You will be able to discern what they are thinking…all of these abilities that are coming online (so to speak) need to be integrated and harmonized so that they are utilized in an aligned and lovingly appropriate manner.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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