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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! You are becoming fully integrated Divine humans. The energy fluxes continue on relentlessly as you try to adjust to the shifting timelines and realities that you experience as they happen. Many unusual symptoms appear in your physical body such as a twitching in your eye as your inner sight (third eye) is opened more fully or sharp stabs of pain as though a pin or needle is jabbing at you – these come and go throughout various energy points in your meridian system. There may be the sensation of heart palpitations, pains in various muscles and joints, a dimming of eyesight in one or both eyes as more mucous is expelled, and intense itching on various areas of your skin.

You can also be experiencing fuzziness of the brain function, drowsiness and excessive feelings of tiredness that comes upon you suddenly, bringing on the need for sleep or rest. There may be phantom pains that arise from previous injuries to the bones in one’s body, or pain that travels throughout the body, appearing first in one area and then the next day in another. Your teeth may become sensitive to hot or cold or sweet or sugary foods. Your ears may feel as though they are filled with fluid and there can be sharp pains that are periodically felt. The spinal column and neck region where the skull joins the spine may be painful as you move your head in any direction. Also your spine may be feeling pain and tenderness along its length. There can also be a sensation of powerful energy coming through your crown chakra at the top of your head. This can bring on a temporary feeling of dizziness or even nausea.

 Many chronic illnesses seem to flare up during this phase and it can be most challenging to endure. These symptoms vary from person to person as their human operating system is being re-calibrated and re-attuned so that each person can embody greater and greater amounts of spiritual Light that allow one’s higher aspects to manifest in and through them. Along with the physical symptoms, the emotional body is also trying to release old feelings from the past and sometimes it is surprising to the one experiencing these what comes to the surface. The mental body also joins in the momentum by bringing forth thoughts from the cells themselves and even from one’s DNA. The one experiencing this begins to understand that it is their spirit or soul that seeks to achieve wholeness and total integration in all aspects of their human operating system.

This painful and confusing period is necessary in order to purify one’s being of all that is no longer of use in their current and evolving reality. Humanity as a whole is venturing into previously unknown areas of exploration and this activity in its higher aspects helps to stretch, broaden and expand one’s consciousness and understanding of the purpose of life in a physical body. It leads to the comprehension that one is, in actuality, a spiritual being having this experience. Once this is realized, progress continues as the soul moves into the service to others phase of learning and evolving.

Viewed from the higher perspective of one’s soul and Oversoul, these experiences are seen as stepping stones to freedom from polarity and duality experience known as the wheel of karma. This process of purification and alchemy allows souls to move from one level of awareness to another. As they change and raise their frequency level, they reclaim their sovereignty as a spiritual being of the universe worthy of this freedom. This is the ultimate purpose of the initiations that each soul goes through – the achievement of Mastership of Life through a cycle of physical experience - transcending the need for further exploration of such and moving on to a different form of experiencing and learning. It is all a progression of advanced evolvement as one gathers all of one’s life experiences in all its forms into one fully integrated wholeness of being.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

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