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   The Hilarion Connection©Update - September 2020



Important Message to Read

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There are too many happenings taking place on the planet and it requires you to be alert and aware at all times. This has become a honing practice for many of you as you listen, read or peruse different modes of communication. The honing practice is in the use of your intuitive faculties to discern the level of truth in what is presented to you. It is a time of getting the real truth without taking any outward controversial actions. This is a skill you have already developed in other lifetimes or which you have been developing as you have been living your current lifetime. Your super senses are now coming online and being activated as the energy frequency of the whole planet rises higher. It is a practice that will serve you well in these turbulent times as the changes in every facet of life on Earth keep on coming!

As this skill is activated and developed, the true portent of any information will be conveyed without the need for too many words - one just gets it and ponders or acts on the information received before making a move or not. The new human circuitry is coming online in every human being. The more one recognizes as and when this happens, the greater the spread of knowledge in a quiet and unobtrusive way unfolds for the entire collective field. The people will just know certain things. The more attuned to one's Soul/God connection, the more infallible this method of communication becomes. Again, we remind you, Dear Ones, stay aware and awake and do a lot of observing in all that is presented before you.

There is a great effort to capture your attention on matters that want your focus and actions to turn back to old paradigm methods and ways that keep humanity divided and competing with each other, ever fearing the other as one's enemy. Learn to recognize certain key words that put you into negative reaction mode and by doing so, immediately pull your frequency level down. This is where the great battle for the capture of souls for the light or the dark rages at this time. ANYTHING that makes you feel less than someone else, that encourage you to feel guilt within for something you personally did not do or instigate in your current lifetime need to be recognized and this is done by observing self and one's reactions or responses as they happen.

There are many such snares being utilized at this time by many different entities, some of whom speak bitterly of warring factions with other beings in the Galaxy that did not take place on planet Earth at all! If these communications come to your attention, say verbally "NOT MY REALITY!" and then let it go without further dwelling upon it. You, the humans currently on this planet at this time did not come here to solve the problems on other worlds and systems. You were chosen as one of the experienced warriors of the Light of God that never fails to retain and maintain your inner purity and personal freedom and sovereignty no matter what was happening externally in the world you live on.

You inherently know that what is required of you and others like you, is the raising of your frequency levels to the highest levels that it is possible right now on this planet each and every day! You must take your stand in the Light and HOLD it as long as it is needed to move humanity into the higher levels of the new Earth reality.

You are a special group of souls who have already mastered many extra-sensory skills, gifts and abilities who was given the chance in this lifetime to further hone and refine these inner abilities and use them in Divine service to others here on Earth. You have already done the work of purifying your body, mind and spirit! Do not let anyone convince you that you are responsible for any of their issues. These beings have to do their own work in this regard.

YOU are here to stay in your highest purity and frequency each day and this assists the entire collective consciousness of humanity to rise up to the higher octaves of frequency where they can choose to connect with their own God consciousness, thereby experiencing for themselves as a unified part of the Earth and her inhabitants, the reality of Heaven on Earth!

Until next month,

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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The Hilarion Connection©Update

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