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The above image of Horus was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

HORUS – January 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! These are the times of tribulation and chaos that precede the rising of the planet Earth and all of her inhabitants to a more enlightened way of living. A way of living that encompasses the embracing of the inner purity within each being that reminds them and connects them to their own Divine origins as original Infinite sparks of the Source of all life in the entirety of creation. It is a movement in the cosmos that involves the greater community of life in the cosmos where those upon this planet Earth are thrust into the realization that the inhabitants upon their planet are a part of a vast network of planets and systems of omniversal proportions.

This will require an acceptance within them that there is life beyond the confines of their own planet which is their home. They will need to come to grips with the fact that they have been programmed to believe they are only here on Earth to serve the dictates of beings who are not the original inhabitants of this planetary system. To realize that their destiny as a planet was and still is, to become a shining star in the heavens. This achievement indicates that those who walk the planet are conscious, fully awake, aware and enlightened beings who understand that it is the Infinite One, the One Source of All That Is, who embodies, experiences and expresses through each biological physical unit.

The awakening is occurring at this time in Earth’s history and it is extremely challenging on many internal and external levels, for not only does humanity need to reclaim their planet as their home, they must also contend with the fact that their human bodies are undergoing vast upgrades to their entire human operating system which includes potentials that were not even considered as possible before. Humanity stands on the brink of vast transformation in all aspects of human life on planet Earth and entails at this very moment the ability of each individual to make choice – free-will choice – to claim their freedom and sovereignty as conscious creators as is their Divine birthright.

There will be many days where humanity will be tested beyond their endurance as they watch and observe the antics of the old world order who still clings to the notion that humanity is not awakened nor understands what is at play in the events that are being orchestrated by these beings. Humanity is very tired of the same scenarios of hurt and harm being foisted on the innocent and will strengthen their internal resolve to stand in their own sovereign power and say, “Enough is enough, no more!” Remove yourselves from our planet NOW! We are your slaves no longer! Through our God given authority as citizens of this free-will planet, we now claim back the ownership of planet Earth which is our home! SO BE IT AND SO IT IS! Leave now!

They will see the great need of the hour to be more discerning about who they believe to stand with them and support them. They will come together as a united humanity to create guidelines on the rules of engagement and their right of boundaries in order to gain access to their planet in a respectful and formal way with visitors coming from off-planet. It is the way it is done in the cosmos. It is not permissible to enter a planet without checking in with the current Planetary Council who oversees that function for the highest good of their planet and its inhabitants.

Planet Earth has been treated as an out of the way storage facility for other worldly beings who want to hide certain artifacts and activities from their own worlds and systems. This must stop. As the planet goes into ascension and beyond, it is opening up new frontiers that need to be explored in order to be fully prepared for the exposure to the cosmic community that will ensue.

I AM Horus.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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