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The above image of Horus was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall.  All rights reserved.

HORUS – March 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! My purpose in coming at this time is to impart words of deep knowledge and wisdom to the people of this planet which is in the process of ascending to a higher level of consciousness and space in the cosmos. There has been much work done on the multi-dimensional levels to clear all impediments that have been blocking the awakening of the people of Earth to the understanding of their higher potential and possibilities and divine birthright. There have been and will continue to be, disclosures brought to the awareness of humanity in order that they move past the illusions that have been implanted in their conscious mind. Many there are now who see a greater picture than they ever did before and at first it is an overwhelming experience which gradually moves to a place of mature spiritually balanced viewpoint.

Along with the changes to humanity’s consciousness, many diverse changes are taking place within the physical form that they inhabit. There is a transmutation taking place in various parts of the body. These bring more light into the physical form which is shifting the musculo-skeletal structure of the human form to realign and accommodate the greater amount of light coming in. These create instances of pain that can be habitual and disabling to the individual who is experiencing this. This physical limitation shall pass once the realignment has successfully taken place and the body is asymmetrically balanced. Many varied symptoms in various parts of the body come and go as the recalibrations continue. The human body is being redesigned to hold lighter, finer density while the occupant is still in it! There are many individuals who agreed to be at the forefront of this experiment at a more accelerated pace than most others.

It is a time of forging ahead into the unknown while tumultuous changes on and within the planet are also taking place. There is a need for each individual to have their wits about them as they observe what is being presented by their leaders and business and celebrity icons and ask important questions in regard to what they are told. Doing their own research can yield surprising revelations that have not been given to the majority of humanity, this research can yield truths that are astounding to comprehend. There are already a lot of individuals on the planet who have been quietly saying no to many of the suggested ways of thinking that are encouraged. There are also many individuals who consider the presenters to be the authority over their own sovereign right to make a free will choice and are giving their own health, power (and freedom) away without question.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This is an appropriate sentiment for these times. It is not the time to rest on former accomplishments and hope things will smooth out and get back to “normal.” It requires each individual taking self responsibility for every decision and action they take. It means being on duty on behalf of oneself and one’s loved ones no matter what the others around you say. Do not let someone else make choices for you that could have tragic repercussions because of it. Your body and what you put into it is your choice and no one else can bully you or threaten you with fines, imprisonment or preventing you from travelling into acquiescing to their directives. They it is who are committing a crime by using this tactic. Be aware that they will try intimidation tactics. One must quietly say no while looking them in the eye when necessary and hold your ground.

An individual needs to stay calm and in quiet command of their emotions during any such encounters. The point is not to give these people any excuse to hold you for any reason. This requires a commitment to always be true to yourself, for that is who you will be living with for the rest of your days. You it is who will look back at you in the mirror each day. When a choice has to be made, make it, knowing that you have done so by intending the highest and happiest outcome when you look into the future. Standing up for yourself and your loved ones will make you feel the fear but as you continue to do this, you will break free of the imaginary shackles of the enslavers as they exerted their control over humanity through the power of persuasion and suggestion. Those days are coming to an end and you will see it in your lifetime.

I AM Horus.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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