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I AM Light!

I AM light, glowing light,

Radiating light, intensified light. 
God consumes my darkness, 
Transmuting it into light. 

This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun. 
Flowing through me is a crystal river, 
A living fountain of light 
That can never be qualified 
By human thought and feeling. 
I AM an outpost of the divine. 
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up 
By the mighty river of light which I AM. 

I AM, I AM, I AM light; 
I live, I live, I live in light. 
I AM light's fullest dimension; 
I AM light's purest intention. 
I AM light, light, light 
Flooding the world everywhere I move, 
Blessing, strengthening, and conveying 
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.

By Ascended Master Kuthumi 




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