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Received Through Marlene, The Scribe



Galactic Master Desonian on Twin Re-Union


P'Taah of the Pleiades Reading for Marlene


Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus - July 2018



 Ziimere of the Golden Light - June 2018


Lady Ashtar Message - March 1, 2018


Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command - February 20, 2018


A Reading for Marlene - Re: Galactic Master, Twin Flame


Desonian  #1 - Galactic Master

 Desonian  #2 - Galactic Master

Desonian  #3 - Galactic Master

Desonian #4 -  Galactic Master

Desonian #5 - Galactic Master


My Galactic Team Arrives! 

LOH Comes Forward


Tsu'tama, My Galactic Presence







Other Messages