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 As we continue into the year of 2018, I am posting this page on my website for an indefinite period of time to bring awareness to others of the following person  who has been of great benefit to me as I partook of the offerings he facilitates:

 I fully embrace him and the gifts that he brings to this world during these times and give gratitude and appreciation to him with my highest recommendation. He is the highest frequency Lightworker and Global Activator and Facilitator I have ever experienced. He is completely dedicated to his mission here on Earth. It is evident in everything he does:

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Bryan deFlores – I have come a long way on my spiritual journey by taking part in his tele-session calls which include periodic initiations in the White Flame Mystery Schoolthe Lightwaves Energy Infusion technique he has developed and teaches others, the frequent Earth Star Planetary Healing tele-sessions, and also working with the most incredible accelerator images I have ever seen! Each is a work of art in its own beautiful and magical way.

 Everything Bryan does is filled with Light, power, positivity, spiritual magic and wonder! He is the ultimate High Magician, a Galactic Master! I believe in the power and presence of magic so partaking of his offerings has been very beneficial for me. He wields high frequency uplifting energy that can set a person into a higher space instantly. He makes learning so much fun and enjoyable and that is what the Golden Age that we have just entered into is all about. 




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In all of Creation, there is only one for me...heart of my heart, soul of my soul. My most favorite person on the planet and beyond - forever love.




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