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Beloved Ones,

 We come on the wings of love to speak with you about the continuing energies that are streaming upon the Earth during the present time. There is so much that is being accomplished that it amazes even we, of the Family of Light. You have no idea of the strength and power of your influence upon the world as you radiate your Light each day! Many of you work specifically with different areas and locations upon the Earth and we acknowledge your efforts and we acknowledge that you are making a difference. You are creating the positive changes that continue to bring and anchor the great Light into the Earth.

Know that on the highest etheric levels, the Earth Teams work together in unison and synchronization of their efforts. You may not know or remember this in your waking existence, but it is so. All activities are coordinated and distributed amongst all the Team members. Each of you has your specific goals and tasks to perform in the Great Work. As the energies continue to enter the atmosphere upon your planet, each person upon the Earth feels the effects of these energies in some way.

Those who have been unawakened start to awaken and question what they hear on the news outlets. They are questioning what they are seeing and hearing, and as this happens, the information that they need will just automatically come up before them, to help enlighten them and inform them of that which they must know. This is how it worked with you, Beloved Ones, and this is how it will continue to work with each person as they awaken. We of the Family of Light are trying to bring the newly awakening ones into a greater accelerated progress that they may catapult themselves into world service as soon as possible.

These are agreements that have been made on the inner planes and they are being implemented within each person as soon as possible, that they may do this work with grace and ease. All is working in great synchronicity and we work together with the galactic brother and sisterhood and with the great Light Beings who have created this universe and this Earth. We work in unison for we are, in fact, a collective of unified consciousness.

More and more of you are being reconnected with your Divine Essence and the integrations are continuing on a daily basis. You may have been noticing that there seems to be instant manifestation to your questions or quests for answers. This is your Divine Essence in action. The information that you require at any given moment is provided to you instantly. This scribe as an example, is finding this to be an incredible experience, for as she asks a question, in the next few moments, she is led directly to the knowledge that she requires. This is happening for every one of you.

Continue working upon yourselves, for as you work upon yourselves and increase your vibratory frequency level, you increase the vibratory frequency of ALL upon the planet and the Earth herself. It is a unified effort. Try each day to spend a few moments tuning in to the Mother Earth and ask her to tell you what she needs most and then intend that this be given to her. This will be very helpful in the days ahead. Continue on, keep up your dedicated efforts and know that it is a unified effort with ALL the dimensional Beings of Light. We honor and bless you and love you beyond measure.

Your Brothers in the Light, Krishna and Jesus

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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