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                     MELCHIZEDEK#2 - JULY 2020

The above image of Melchizedek was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Beloved Ones,

 I am here on the wings of love! Throughout the years of your lives you have struggled against seemingly overwhelming odds, against all manner of abuses, oppressions and repressions, pain and sorrow, anger, jealousy, hatred and spite and have managed to transmute it all into a greater Light within yourselves, coming through all of this with your Light and love blazing in majesty and glory. Can you each just stop for a moment and celebrate this achievement? Do you realize the wondrous work you have been doing as you walked your lonely paths, learning and growing each step of the way to this point in time?

What you have gained and learned from all these experiences can now begin to be seen for their value in the formation of the powerful Beings that you now have become. Without these challenges, you would never know the powerful force that moves within you now. Without the knowledge of these opposites to who you really are, you would not have been shining as brightly as you are now. All of your wisdom, love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and great goodness would not now be anchoring a greater Light into this world, and yet, here you are, standing in your Light, in your power, in your truth and in your goodness and as a result, you are weaving the beauty and the wonder of a new world.

 Moment by moment this new world comes into focus, into manifestation. The old patterns and paradigms are falling away at record speed and in their place comes a better way, a more loving way in the living of your daily lives and each of you is radiating the new vision to those around you and this great momentum that is taking place is without precedent. Every moment, a new change takes place within the cells of your bodies, within the structures of your society. Everywhere you look, if you have the eyes to see, (and you do), change is upon you. All that is required now is to maintain your Light, hold to your vision for a better world for everyone ... and be patient.

 It is now a time of ripeness, waiting poised for the next step in this process of the ascension of your bodies and your planet. It is a time of reflection, a time of celebration, of experiencing the feelings of joy and gratitude for the successful completion of your tasks whilst opening yourselves to the new adventure that lies before you. It has ever been this way, Beloveds, for being the multi-dimensional Beings that you are makes you able to multi-task on many levels and dimensions. You will be finding yourselves consciously experiencing these states with greater frequency and with ever greater ease. Your communications with us will be much more noticeable and you will catch yourselves in conversation with us and hold your breath in wonder, for this is what you dreamed of and now it is finally beginning to manifest.

 Take heart in these occurrences and know that our dimensions are growing ever nearer to each other and the veils of forgetfulness are beginning to thin and more of your remembrances will come forth in the times ahead. Use these times wisely, Beloved Ones, and establish your strong connections with us so that you will always be informed of your next step. We are ever with you and are but a thought away.

Call upon us, Dearest Ones, you do not have to do it all alone. We need you to be aware that this is a free will planet and unless you call upon us, either silently or verbally, we are limited in our assistance to you. When we are called, we can accelerate many movements to create better circumstances and better solutions in your lives. Remember this – we are here to serve you in these changing times, to move you into your new positions with greater ease and grace, in joy and wonder. Many miracle manifestations are set to take place.

 And so it is!

I AM Melchizedek

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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