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This beautiful soft pink stone aligns to the heart chakra and the water, air and starlight elements. Musical notes F, G and C. Helps us to relax and let go, to accept life as it is in the moment and to trust that all is well.

The Message:

We are an ancient stone brought to Earth in its early stages. We support each being to realize how very loved and appreciated they are.

We open humanity to their own crystalline essence and bring comfort to them in that knowledge. We remind them through their memories of all the blessings and miracles in their lives. As they hold our being in their left receiving hand, we begin to impart a soothing and relaxing energy.

We were utilized in ancient civilizations on Earth in their Healing Temples. There were methods used to unlock the healing potential that we carried. These methods used sound and Light to tap into the healing potential that we carried. These energies, when unlocked, brought healing to the recipients at the deepest core level of their being.

Through consistent use as a healing tool, we bring alignment to the higher aspects of one’s being, which opens a portal to the healing of the deepest wounds. Through persistent and consistent use, a healthy realignment of a persons thought patterns takes place. One begins to see the possibilities rather than the limitations, to appreciate the opportunities that exist in such abundance around them.

We can impart a sense of well being that helps to cleanse anxiety, fear and worry from a person’s energy field. We have ability to brighten the auric field of any being that comes into contact with us.

We hail from the constellation of Antares where kunzite has been used to bring healing to the psychological aspects of life upon a harsh planet where survival was an important consideration. On Antares, no healing kit would be complete without our presence in it.

Humanity on Earth will come into the realization of the important role that the use of crystals play in energetic healing. We will hold a prominent place in crystal healing technology.

 We look forward to working with humanity as they become more aware of the potential we hold and the gift of healing that we bring.

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