KUTHUMI - JUNE 2017

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Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love to give a message of gratitude to all of you for the willingness you have shown in working with the higher realms these past years. We know that this is a testing time for you and that makes your willingness to work with us even more appreciated because of this. There are diverse energies at work at this time and it is difficult to assimilate all the energies at once.

We understand that you have many duties to fulfill in your everyday existence and we want you to know that the efforts you make to anchor and hold the Light and the vision of the Ascended Earth reality no matter what is transpiring in your personal lives is an even greater gift that you give to those around you.

As you continue to hold and anchor the Light, remember that you are also creating a new way of being in your daily existence. This is creating some resistance and opposition from those around you, for it is difficult for them to rise up to the challenge of seeking higher ground, so to speak. Stand firm and know that this is part of the Plan. Know that your Light held steady is creating ripples of change all around you.

These changes are ultimately for the highest good of all, no matter what surfaces in the interim. Change is the constant in your world and in this current time, is unavoidable. It behooves everyone to learn to adapt and go with the flow of these changes and surrender to what seems to be occurring. In time, all will be revealed and understood, for it is in hindsight that we learn thoroughly the lessons that we are currently facing.

We ask that you continue to decree and affirm that which you want to manifest in your world and to cast aside all that does not resonate with this vision. Have faith that you have a vital part to play in the Divine Plan and that you are now living it. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, for the only failure can be said to be in ceasing to try, and you are certainly not guilty of that!

We see and feel your testing times and we stand beside you, ready to help and can only do so much unless you remember to ask us. We can help to facilitate grace and ease in your trials and tribulations so that you can move forward in your progression towards a fully integrated Ascension. Your bodies are transforming before your very eyes and as you are now in the midst of this, it is only through the progression of time as you know it that you will see the results.

It is our utmost delight to work with you as colleagues in the Great Work that is in progress. From our perspective, all is well and as it should be. We thank you all for keeping faith, even though most of you have been blinded by the veils of forgetfulness that will dissipate as the energies continue to rise with the passage of time. The Great Awakening is now in progress and will continue in waves upon waves upon waves. This is what you have set in motion by your efforts and you are to be commended for it. We salute you, our Earth team!

I AM Kuthumi

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