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This beautiful stone has a blue/green rainbow flash within it. It aligns with the third eye, throat and crown chakras and with the air and fire elements. Musical notes G, A and B.
 The Message:
 Labradorite Crystal Deva image ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

  We, the labradorite crystal consciousness come forward to bring our message to humanity during this time of opportunity to ascend and transcend the lower vibrational realms into the higher dimensional consciousness realms. We serve humanity by assisting them to enhance the opening of their psychic abilities. The wearing of our stone at or above the heart chakra helps to awaken these latent abilities in a direct and timely fashion. We are a very useful stone during these times of intense and immense changes.

By the wearing of our stone, an individual can connect with, recognize and understand their destiny and the spiritual path their soul chose before incarnating upon the planet. We can help them to bring in more of their soul aspects from different levels of reality and integrate them into one unified whole. With our influence as they wear or carry our stone, the individual is enabled to accomplish the objectives that are important to them on their spiritual path back to wholeness.

We are a stone that can help an individual to connect more strongly to their intuitive and inherent psychic abilities and to open to the development of clairvoyant vision and telepathic ability. We enhance their connection and alignment with their physical and etheric bodies and this brings in the element of magic and transformation into their life. We enable these individuals to contact and connect with sentient beings from the higher dimensions who can assist them with their spiritual journey as they live their life upon the planet.

We can also clear negative energy in and around the individual who wears our stone. We enhance the individual with more energy which brings inspiration, the feeling of anticipation and a sense of stepping beyond the limitations they have been struggling to overcome so that they can move in a direction not taken previously. We empower individuals with greater intuitive insight, more confidence in their own abilities and strength and perseverance to pursue their personal and spiritual goals.

By adding and utilizing our stone, a person can feel empowered to transform and bring in intuitive messages into coherent thought. This creates a connection and contact with the Divine and will facilitate the reception of direct messages from the spiritual dimensions which brings a psychic ‘knowing’ to them. As these spiritual gifts are further developed, many wonderful synchronicities of the manifestations of universal grace, wisdom and understanding come into their experiences. This brings blessings of every description to their inner and outer worlds.

We are grateful for this connection and the avenue through which it comes.

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