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Lady Faith – April 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Many of you who read this message are of the Angelic lineages and realms. In the beginning of this planet’s history, it is recorded that Angels walked amongst humanity, for at that time humankind manifested and experienced life on higher frequency and dimensional levels than is currently available. Within each being there was only purity of being and purity of love and everyone felt deeply connected in unity with each other which each person experienced in beautiful, joyful and harmonious interactions with all beings and kingdoms of nature. Everyone understood that they were divine sparks of Creator Source and that they could create beauty by bringing forth works of art, sculptures, music and a great array of articles, adornments and services that pulsed with the universal life force.

They lived in communities that were enmeshed in cooperation with the nature kingdoms. They shared their joyful expressions and creativity as these welled up from within them and life was filled with enthusiastic anticipation of new experiences and discoveries. Everyone naturally expressed the divine soul qualities of the Angelic kingdom and the quality of living at that time was from an illuminated higher perspective. The entire community supported each individual who was part of it and it was a standard of conduct that encouraged everyone to accept each other inclusively so that they all shared a sense of belonging and felt respected, valued and seen for who they were as individuals. There was a high level of supportive energy and active commitment from leaders and others so that each individual could do their best work both individually and collectively.

This way of living created and maintained peace and harmony between all life forms. People experienced joy and laughter as a normal part of their everyday activity. Children were birthed from the mutually cooperative strong intentions and mind focus of two individuals and each child came into manifestation as a fully formed child of approximately seven years of age. These children were raised with love and cared for by the entire community. They exhibited an advanced consciousness in their development and were self disciplined and self governing of all facets of their existence. They were self aware and awake to the energies at play around them and they learned to commune with the beings in the natural world around them. Much natural beauty was created by the children and these beings which added many blessings to the entire community.

Through these activities, they learned natural skills and how to work in harmony and unity with each other. As they grew and developed into more mature versions of their child selves and their skill levels were taken as far as they could go, they gradually assumed and sought more specialized training that would be helpful to them as they grew to adulthood. They took part in skill tests to see what interested them the most and then dedicated themselves intensely to this task. Sometimes it required an intuitive adult to sit with them and observe in their energetic field the best area that was in harmonious resonance with them. Always the goal was fulfillment and enjoyment of the experience of life within each individual. This was an honoring of their unique and special abilities and was deeply supported by the community members.

And so, every individual had their special place and focus and everyone thrived in such an environment! Each community member embodied the higher soul qualities which encompassed unconditional love as a basic premise and divine right of each person. There was a consistency and transparency within each individual that encouraged a high level of trust in each other and their community and entire civilization. It was a golden, happy and peaceful time upon the planet. This was the rightful destiny for each human of Angelic origin and it still remains as truth to this day. Angelic humans carry a purity of being and high frequency light within them. They are still connected to Creator Source through their infinite spark that resides within their sacred heart. I bow my head in honor of you! You are deeply loved!

I Am Lady Faith

©Marlene Swetlishoff

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