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                       LADY FAITH - JUNE 2021


The above image of Lady Faith was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Beloved Lightworkers,

I am delighted to come before you today to talk about the work that we, the Lords and Ladies of Light do upon the inner realms. I am Archangel Michael’s Divine Counterpart in feminine form. My work complements that of Michael and we work to protect those who call upon us each day. It is a work that is ongoing and continuous and so we have great legions of angels assigned to each of us in order to fulfill our roles as mankind’s protectors. It is our greatest joy to fulfill this duty. We have both pledged to continue in this role until every last Earth Angel has been freed from the illusionary world that you live upon. We work unceasingly on behalf of all upon the Earth. We serve Creator in this way.

There is much that needs attending to in these most exciting times upon the Earth. My task is to oversee and assign our angelic teams to their tasks. As you can imagine, this is a demanding role at this time. We are almost continuously called upon by someone, somewhere upon the Earth. We endeavor to save people in a vast variety of situations that come forth where our intervention is required. We work with your guardian angels also and are always in close communication with them. There is nothing that we do not know or are unaware of. All is known to us.

Long have we worked to bring more Light to the world and all upon her. On the inner planes, we all work together in harmony and peaceful cooperation. We recognize each other as equals in all things, in all ways. Life flows always in harmony and equilibrium. Upon the angelic realms, all serve our Creator’s Divine Will in the focus of service for the highest and greatest good of all. That which Divine Creator decrees is our most earnest endeavor to manifest on Earth.

We are helping Mother Earth/Lady Gaia at this time in her birthing process, endeavoring to bring to fruition the vision of the Earth as a beautiful Earth Star, shining resplendently in the heavens, a great beacon of Light in the universe, for that is her destiny. Earth will once again become the great living library of the universe, where beings from all corners of the vast cosmos will come to enjoy the treasures that only Earth can offer. There are vast treasures of knowledge within her waiting to be discovered, treasures of wisdom, treasures of the heart and soul. Much ancient knowledge, once commonly available to all galactic citizens, will be re-discovered in the coming years and re-introduced to a waiting audience.

We know the choices that are before you in your now moment. We also see into your hearts and know that the majority of you have chosen the path of love and peace. It is only a matter of the alignment of the cosmic events to bring this into fulfillment. This is a great and momentous task for all in this vast universe. The Great Awakening is at hand, but before that can take place, much work is required of those who are awake and aware and you it is that are doing it. Keep on keeping on. I am humbled by your greatness!

 I AM Lady Faith.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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