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                    LADY PORTIA - APRIL 2021


The above image of Lady Portia was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 




Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! It is with great joy that I come into this space in order to bring through a timely message for humanity in this time of great transformation and transmutation that is taking place. There is at one and the same time, the experience of the polarity within every expression and creation that comes forth through humanity. It is of great credit to you, the wise ones, for continuing upon your paths of Light without faltering and digressing whenever distractions in the outer world tried to sway you away.

It is very difficult to sway someone who knows within their heart that God IS because they have directly experienced this knowing at some point in their lifetime when they turned within and asked for a miracle to happen in their life. The profound feeling of peace that came in answer to their persistent prayer and the resultant outcome can never be forgotten. A personal experience of Divine Grace changes an individual forever!

I come to say that you who are reading this message are ever free and welcome to petition Father/Mother God on your own or a loved ones behalf, that you are enfolded in wings of love and grace and are supported and nurtured to the extent that your belief and consciousness will allow. You are loved unconditionally and that means that you are always worthy of having a personal answer to your prayers but you must let go of any ingrained mental and feeling patterns that tell you that you are not.

 Remember, Dearest Ones, the story of the mustard seed. This story depicts the faith in the Divine that can move mountains, how the mustard seed is so tiny it is hard to believe the size of the plant it produces when it takes root in the ground, is nurtured and grows into maturity. So it is with the faith that you hold as you plant your seeds of Light and love and let them take root within those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. One day, your heart will overflow with joy and gladness as you witness the profound change that has taken place within human hearts because you planted those seeds many years ago.

And so, we say, let those seeds continue to fall where they may, for you never know where and with whom they will take root and begin to grow and flourish. When enough of these seeds blossom forth, it will become obvious in the outer reality that is manifesting around you. Nurture the Divine Light within you that expands its radiance and daily give thanks for all that you have received and continue to receive as you walk your daily existence. As you have developed this ability to focus your attention on what it is you want to manifest in your material existence, so it shall be! You are most dearly and lovingly blessed by your Family of Light!

I AM Lady Portia

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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