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The above image of Lady Portia - Goddess of Justice was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 

Lady Portia – December 2020

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Each of you is on an inward contemplation journey, for you have already chosen to move forward into the new horizon that beckons before you – a higher frequency Earth reality that is peopled with those who were keen and willing to do the difficult work of facing the shadow within self and the external world that exists around you. Many of you now know what you must release and leave behind you and those are the ways of competition, deception, corruption, collusions and betrayals. These are being mirrored to you in the events that are occurring in these now moments. It is an opportunity for you to understand that those ways did not and do not work. It is also an opportunity to ask yourselves what it is you want to experience in your daily life as the Earth’s resources dwindle. Are you willing to give up some of your indulgences and live a simpler lifestyle so that everyone in the world has their basic needs met?

The questions being asked by conscious humans during these times are how humanity as one race can regain their freedom, independence and sovereignty from external off-planet beings who have intervened and interfered in their planetary and human evolution without their conscious free will choice to acquiesce to this directive. These beings use the art of persuasion and they have honed this ability to an efficient level. During this pandemic, most of you are still trying to go back to being a consumer without realizing that you are being ‘harvested’. You have been programmed to expect to work hard for someone in return for wages that you must then dole out to pay for services rendered for your basic needs and spend the rest of what is left (if any) making payments for items you purchased on credit because the cost of those items is so high that you would never have the lifestyle you have been programmed to aspire to as the ideal one.

Following this directive has further enslaved humanity. Most every nation on the planet had enough resources on their own soil to the point that they could have remained sovereign and independent, living in peace and harmony with each other. The concept of ‘free trade’ changed all of that as all nations now are controlled by large corporations that dictate the policies of operations in each nation in all aspects of their daily existence. Where once, a family could buy land and a home and pay it out within a certain time factor so they were mortgage and debt free, now the system is set up to ensure that it does not happen. Most of humanity thinks it is ‘normal’ to pay their entire lives for their home and now the system has another set up to ‘reverse mortgage’ one’s home after one has spent a lifetime paying it out, in order to meet their current financial needs and their desire to continue living in their home.

In the times ahead humanity will need to work in cooperation and unity with each other as resources and supplies of many items and food dwindles and becomes difficult to obtain because of the great changes that continue to take place on the planet. All of these challenges will bring out the strengths, courage, bravery, resourcefulness, inventiveness and creativity within each person as they discover their own power to create a happier collective experience for everyone in their sphere of influence and even beyond, into the larger universal community. It will be as has been said many times in the old world, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Many helpful and practical technologies will be invented that will make daily life easier for everyone. Eventually this will lead to a renaissance of amazing creativity in the arts, crafts, music and other humanly inspired talents and skills.

For now, it remains to be seen if humanity will awaken to the stark truth that their world as they knew it was not as pictured to them in their mental programming. They must find the strength to move beyond those realizations and be open in their hearts. They must want to live a more enlightened existence by being the living role model of the divinely inspired human. They must be inspired to emulate the noblest and most sacred qualities and virtues of the angelic realms and the God kingdom. They it is who must find the high motivation to change their thinking and by doing so, change their world. It is not an easy task to clear the old world programming from one’s mental and emotional bodies but it is most definitely a game changer for the better for all those who take on this task. Call upon your family of Light and we can help you as you walk this path!

I AM Lady Portia.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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