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The above image of Lady Portia was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 

Lady Portia – February 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There are many upon the planet at this time who are being impressed within their minds and thoughts with statements that come from outside of themselves and so we alert you all to this fact. Become aware of the mind manipulation technology that runs every moment of every day whether you are awake during the day or asleep through the night. Make sure the thoughts that run through your mind are truly your thoughts and no one else’s. As you become more alert to this subtle manipulation that seeks to control you, it becomes easy to discern what is not yours but is external. Once you know, simply state orally “Get out of my mind, you are violating my sovereign right as a free will being living on a free will planet. I now reclaim the planet Earth/Terra/Gaia on behalf of all humanity as my home and you are not welcome here! I command you to leave now!”

For the past sixty years or so, since the advent of new communication technology, there has been a system set up on Earth of ‘implied consent’ that makes the assumption that you, a free will sovereign being, are agreeing to many things that you do not have conscious awareness of and so you have been unaware of what is really happening on your world that you apparently gave permission for through your political representatives! Humanity as a collective have not been consulted or informed! This awareness of manipulation from negative off planet beings to assume control of your planet is now coming to the surface for all humans to take note of. This is that which they must process within themselves to arrive at a mature and balanced perspective. It is a difficult thing to acknowledge that your world has been systematically taken over by these negative off planet beings through deceptive means for more years than most humans live in their total lifespan.

With every generation of humanity lived on this planet, it has become easier to control humanity, for the negative off planet beings remember their goals and plans but humans do not know of it and no one has informed them of this deception. Those of the humans who were/are aware of this and have been/still are systematically ridiculed and marginalized as insignificant and not worthy of note so that they are looked upon with disfavor by their peers. These times though, are different from before, and have prepared millions of humans to override that programming and rise up to ask the most relevant questions such as “Who has the most to gain from this activity?” These millions of people from the human race are now remembering that they too, or their ancestors, experienced being severely suppressed and marginalized by the so-called authority figures who are supposed to be in service to them.

This has created a new dynamic upon this planet. More and more revelations are coming to the attention of the world’s people that is opening these subtle manipulation games to the full scrutiny of the entirety of the human race. There will come a point in the near future that will pass the point of no return into the higher dimensions and the human race on this planet will discard what was before for something so much better for all. It is they who will take their rightful place as the true and authentic authority of their new reality. They will learn how to protect their planet from invasion by technologically advanced but spiritually deficient beings who want to control and exploit their beautiful planet for their own purposes. They will form protocols and rules of engagement before allowing entrance to their planet by off world races.

They will also develop technology that can keep their beautiful planet from the discovery and scrutiny of off-world races who are looking for conquests regarding such a beautiful planet for the exploitation of its resources including its inhabitants. These times and the revelations they bring to the many will create quantum leaps forward in all areas of human life upon this planet. Staying asleep to what is really going on in the world and staying in the thrall of mind control and manipulation is no longer an option. Humanity must awaken and take their rightful place now. It is as simple as daily intention by practicing one’s sovereign authority over one’s person and their daily life and activities in each moment. Always remember to ask for our involvement in your endeavors and we are with you to help you in any way that is required.

I AM Lady Portia

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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