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Empower Others By Your Example!

Lady Portia – July 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The wheels of time move forward and bring many things to light. All that rises to the surface must be looked at with clarity and honesty before forming a response to them. Seek guidance within self before taking any action if it feels necessary, as many things presented to you in the current times are not what they seem or appear to be. Take a wait and see attitude to allow yourself time to ascertain the bigger picture of the event or concern. It is advisable to create a plan as to what you would do in certain scenarios and make a list of what you might need, gather those things together and know that you are prepared for any eventuality should it take place, and then stay observant as to what may be unfolding in your midst.

Within the hearts and minds of humanity a resolve is taking place – a resolve to re-establish their true freedom and sovereignty in all the facets of their lives. There is a determination from the majority of humanity to take back their authority over their own lives and not give over their own power to others who pretend and act as if it is they who have the right to do so. These ones have awoken to the understanding that living a quality of life in the material reality depends on their ability to use their own awareness and discernment and make their own decisions and choices. Being in a physical body requires the experience of taking action whilst in it. No one else can do it for you and leaving it for others outside of your self to do what you know must be done is not advisable.

All that comes before you now is an unfoldment of your own spiritual journey. You are opening up like a flower opening its petals to the Sun. Let your inner beauty shine brilliantly and it will radiate from you in ever expanding circles to add your light to the collective consciousness which in turn will ignite the Infinite spark of the Divine within others. You are a blessing to this world as you live your daily life! We applaud you for keeping on raising your frequency and holding it each day, it is not easy to do in this time of now, but you are succeeding and empowering others by your example! Continue to stay true to your authentic self and stay the course. We from the higher realms support you in all ways at all times. Try to tune in each day to your own Divine Source and state your benevolent intentions for yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

There is great spiritual growth and understanding taking place within every individual during these times. Those of you who have been adding your energies to the collective consciousness by practicing your daily spiritual disciplines are also daily imprinting these energies in the world around you which assists others in benevolent impact within your sphere of influence. Remember that you are a being of love and hold your center, nurture and love yourself, listen to your body and give it what it needs in each moment that you are guided to. Your body is the sacred temple of your being and it is how you are enabled as a higher consciousness to manifest in this reality. Respect the crucial role that it provides and work in synergy together as one.

The days before you stand out in the examples of those people who are taking a stand by speaking their truth while great censorship and suppression occurs as they are doing it. They are being very brave and courageous by doing this. They are speaking out in their communities addressing their concerns in many areas of life where they see injustice and an attempt to control their right to exercise their freedom being usurped by their local authorities and they are demanding those people to resign from their positions. There are more atrocities that occurred in the past coming to the surface for the attention of people in all countries across the planet, mirroring to the human race the dire need to give voice to what is wrong that is happening around them when and as it is happening. It is a sad awakening time for all. Let the lessons in these revelations not be lost as you feel the great shock as these past and current events are coming to the light of humanity’s awareness.

I AM Lady Portia.

©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the author/scribe and www.TheRainbowScribe.com