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The above image of Lady Portia was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Lady Portia – March 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! All across the planet, change is occurring. The people of Earth are awakening in record numbers and taking up the banner of freedom, truth and sovereignty for the human race and their planet. As more truth is exposed and brought to the surface for humanity to realize, absorb and integrate, all that has been distorted and not true is being dissolved immediately by the brilliant White Light that is emanating from the heavens. In the brilliance of its purity, all is being recalibrated into wholeness and divine order. All that is of low vibration and dark energy and even those of high frequency darkness cannot escape this purification downpour. In order to rise to the higher levels, one must receive the seal of Source around the purity of their own being.

These times call for utmost discernment in what one reads, hears, watches and buys into. There are many schools or systems of thought that are now no longer resonant with the new positive Earth reality. They are simply ‘old energy’ and one needs to let them go with calmness and detachment and begin to look forward rather than backward. The way forward is one of going within and exploring one’s inner kingdom - one is now working with their multi-dimensional self rather than higher self. Their multi-dimensional self is excited to continue the process of embodiment of one’s higher aspects into the transforming human physical body system. As this process continues, each individual who has reached this state of spiritual growth on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level starts to function through their higher mind that sees more of the ‘whole picture’.

It is a new frontier for humanity to explore. As each shift into higher frequency takes place there is a lightness of being that is noticeable within the individual. There are more moments of the feelings of joy, happiness and laughter that wells up from within them for no reason whatsoever! These moments help to uplift one’s consciousness to a higher level of function and it becomes helpful to those who experience this to have the willingness and intent to allow this occurrence. As more people resonate on higher frequency levels, these energies gather together and coalesce into a unified field of resonance which permeates the atmosphere around the planet. As more of humanity take part in this activity, quantum change takes place in ways that can leave everyone breathless in amazement.

Suddenly, many seemingly separate events that have previously occurred begin to weave together into a clearer understanding of what takes place around one’s sphere of influence. The individuals comprehend that much has been taking place behind the scenes that have not been presented to the populace on the surface of the planet. There might be a feeling of overwhelm in many individuals and we advise more rest and times of relaxation to take place. As we have often stated, we recommend being outside in nature which is very grounding and balancing. Soaking in a tub of very warm water into which either sea salt or Epsom salt has been added clears all negativity in one’s auric energy field. The individual will know this is happening when the feeling of anxiety or tenseness leaves their physical body and they experience a more relaxed outlook on their life. Listening to music that uplifts and inspires one’s mind and heart is also recommended. It is important to be good to oneself.

The pace of world and planetary events will grow more rapid in the coming days. You, Dear Ones, have been prepared for these times by all the events that have taken place in your individual lives. You have everything you need within you, so it is appropriate to go within first before taking any other action. You it is who carries the ability to allow the greater Light to flow through you which in turn assists the planet and all of her kingdoms, as well as all of the human race, to rise to higher and higher bandwidth’s of consciousness. This greater Light is in harmony with Divine Will. Understand that all that you do and all that you are is a great blessing to all. We, your spiritual comrades, salute and honor each of you!

I AM Lady Portia.

©Marlene Swetlishoff

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