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The above image of Lady Portia was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved

Lady Portia – November 2020

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The events that have been and are still occurring in the current times are a catalyst of awakening for humanity. Many situations are coming to light in ways that will shock and confound the people of the world. It is difficult for those who have already been inhabiting the new positive Earth reality to maintain a bridge between that new dimensional reality and the older dense reality that is in the throes of disappearing from view. Those who still cling to concepts from the old reality cannot move forward into the new reality due to their personal issues and dualistic viewpoints, habits and preferences. The new world is a reality of unity consciousness and a pure, holy, wholesome and sacred way of living life and in honoring the Earth, her elemental inhabitants and each other.

It is simply through one’s pure love frequency that one can gain entrance into the new Earth reality, it is not a temporary requirement but a way of being at all times. The Lightworkers of the world have been sending Light and support to humanity, the Earth planet and all her kingdoms and we know they will continue to do this work, for this is why they are here on Earth at this time. These ones who live in different locations throughout the planet have also been the targets of negative and dark attacks from the controllers who are in desperation mode because they see and sense their control upon this planet is coming to an abrupt end. Their once hidden, unnoticeable activities are now being exposed at a faster and more quantum speed and humanity is also awakening at quantum speeds that are unprecedented. All that has been or still is hidden will be brought to the surface in plain view of all inhabitants.

All the illusions that have been cast upon each person’s personal consciousness must be questioned and identified and then released as being outmoded and no longer needed for their new journey as conscious multi-dimensional beings moving into expanded existence. This is the new frontier for humanity to discover, explore and experience. It is a world of wonder and magic and is a field of consciousness that has no darkness in it, where every person is sovereign and free to pursue their hearts desires without interference or control. It is a world of spiritually mature individuals who readily take on their own viewpoints and actions, knowing full well that they and only they, are responsible for all of it. One must be dedicated to living transparently, without any masks to hide any density within and this requires deep honesty and dedication to a new way of being.

In this new reality, it is no longer a game of lies, deception, betrayal and doing harm to others in order to be in the good graces of the controllers. In this new reality, the currency of exchange is pure love and anything less than that will be easily discerned and seen by those in their personal sphere of influence. Every person will be a divine human lie detector and this ability will become more pronounced in the coming days as the Earth moves into greater alignment with Galactic center. As this occurs, every person will be able to perceive and receive the higher truths and wisdom of their Eternal Divine essence. They are then able to move between and across dimensions in an ease of movement that feels very natural to them.

There is still much that needs to occur within the current happenings upon the Earth. The Lightworkers need to understand that their world stands on the brink of falling into the controller’s hands through the deceptions that are occurring at this very moment! That must not happen, for that is not the destiny of humanity! It is not the time to relax and have faith that something ‘out there’ will make it all go away so humanity can go back to ‘normal’. They must summon forth the assistance of the higher realms by daily calling upon their Angels, Archangels and Ascended Master realms. They must do this each day persistently and stubbornly using all the spiritual tools at their disposal until it is clear that victory over the forces of darkness has been achieved.

I AM Lady Portia.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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