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                       LADY ALTHEA INVOCATION


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Beloved Humanity,

I come on the wings of love to speak to you regarding the new way that you will now begin to walk this Earth. I come from the highest dimensions to bring to you the gift of the presence of magic in your world. There is now the crystalline Light and this Light is now glowing around you, who have been working hard to help in your transformation into the crystalline being that you truly are.

The Light that surrounds you in your aura is so much clearer and brighter, sparkling like a diamond Light and it is so beautiful to behold. I would encourage you to see yourself in this way, as you might see the colors that refract from a faceted globe of crystal glass, those rich, jewel-like colors, magical colors, that exist now around you.

There is less density to the colors that are in your aura now, there is less dross. The colors are many hued and are interesting in their variations. As you continue to try to break out of your mental constraints and reach beyond to the stars, reach beyond not only to the stars but to other universes and galaxies. Mentally see yourself as so much greater than you have ever imagined yourself to be. This will help and give you assistance to integrate and assimilate the new energies.

 I, Lady Althea, come from the planet Venus, it is where I reside, where I serve the Light.  My service to the Light is to help clear and cleanse the auras of the people on Earth and I have under my dominion, legions of angels who assist me with this. This is the process that we are in at this time, cleansing the auras of humanity. This is to assist with all that is coming to the surface to be addressed and looked at, transmuted and released .

There are many of us working upon this task, and you have but to call upon Lady Althea and her angels, and we will come and assist you to cleanse your aura. If you make a daily habit of this, it will help you tremendously, so that your aura is sparkling, iridescent, diamond Light colors.

"Lady Althea and your legions of Light

Cleanse my aura by day and by night

Until I AM a sparkling Diamond bright

Extend the same by your loving might

To all humanity for their freedom's flight"

I, Lady Althea, am one of the angelic realms, and it is my joy to serve. I work with the cosmic beings of Light. I work with the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters. I work in concert with them to serve humanity at this time. Those of you who call upon the Violet Flame of transmutation - know that you are calling upon one of my legions of angels.  We come to cleanse the Earth in legions, we come to help all upon the Earth transmute and transform.

We come to give assistance at this time. Call upon us, call upon Lady Althea and I and my many angels shall be by your side when you are in need of transmutation. I will help you.

I AM Lady Althea

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