LADY ASHTAR MESSAGE - MARCH 2018

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Greetings!  I, Lady Ashtar, come as the Divine Complement of Ashtar. The Divine Feminine energies are arising from the Earth and this is bringing more love and more balance to this planet and everyone inhabiting this planet. There are many expressions of the Divine Feminine in play - primal energy, sensual energy, energies of the wisdom of the ages that lives within the Divine Feminine. These aspects have been suppressed and repressed for millennia; for in the beginning, it was the Divine Feminine that ruled the world, you could say, ruled it with wisdom, respect, justice, honour and beauty.

This was suppressed and sabotaged during those times so that this aspect of the Divine Feminine which seeks to express within people, which seeks to arise during these times needs to be understood for what it is. It is a movement to give expression to this aspect within each person’s total being, for one cannot become whole and complete within themselves without allowing these aspects of themselves to rise to the surface to be acknowledged, felt, and experienced. This movement is in its early stages and will continue to come forward in the many years ahead, for like it or not, the Divine Feminine energy and influence is arising and it is here to stay.

For the Divine Feminine, you see, is all that is beautiful, loving, creative, intuitive, flowing, instinctive and artistic. It seeks to express itself through the physical body, the mind, the soul and the higher senses to make every experience personal and therefore, real, to the inhabiting soul who is here in order to experience the world through the human body. This requires a total interactive immersion into the experience, not simply mental or emotional; it needs to be experienced in its totality within one’s physical being.  

 In this way, many inhibiting situations and programs that were conditioned into and through society’s precepts will be coming to the surface to be addressed within all peoples, both male and female and this will, eventually, bring about balance within each human being so that they are whole and perfect and complete within themselves, so that they can be their authentic selves, so that they can be all that they can be without limitations, without rules and regulations, so that each person can be the sovereign being that they were intended to be from the beginning.

 And so we say to you, Lightworkers and Starseeds, when the Divine Feminine is active within you, you will know it by your great desire to express the creativity that wells up from within you in whatever way that may be. Allow it, give it the opportunity and see where it goes. You have learned about self discipline, it does not mean that you are losing your ability to be in control, it just means that you are allowing that free spirited energy to flow through you. You are allowing and surrendering to it the moment it is happening rather than trying to suppress it, for now, there is nothing that can be suppressed.

 All needs to be out in the open, all needs to be acknowledged. That which people have been feeling within them that they feel is inappropriate – for their age, for their situation – all of this needs to be acknowledged – it does not need to be acknowledged publicly, it can be a very private matter, but it is giving sovereignty and power back to the Divine Feminine that each person holds within the totality of their human operating system, seeking the light of day, seeking expression. So know that this will be occurring and that it is a natural process, a natural state.

 As the kundalini energy arises within, these forces, these proclivities, these intuitive promptings will also be arising and this will continue until the kundalini force from the root chakra is raised up and out the crown chakra, so it will require adjustment and awareness as it occurs. There is nothing to fear, do not allow doubts and fears in when strange things occur, when strange thoughts occur. Just go with it in a safe and as neutral way as possible so that you can get to the state that is the desired state - which is enlightenment in your consciousness, your true state of being as one with Source.

 Call upon the Divine Goddess energy if you are experiencing perplexing looping of energy patterns to give insight and answers as you are going through these symptoms. Call upon me, Lady Ashtar, and I will endeavour to be of assistance to you in those moments.

 I AM Lady Ashtar.

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