LADY GAIA - SEPTEMBER 2017


My Beloved Ones,

I come to speak with each of you about the great work that you are doing and the energies that you are anchoring within my crystalline core. Each and every day from all over the world, your Light comes, your Light is added, your love is added and it is so gratifying to me that I am filled with radiant love for all of you.

Know that your Light anchors into my crystalline core, your Light is stored in the great etheric and fiery crystal that is at the center of the Earth. This great Light is becoming more and more radiant and powerful and that powerful radiant Light is beginning to go out in waves from the center of the Earth. Each day this Light that is created collectively, is radiating further and further out from the crystalline core out to the surface of the world.

I see and feel your great love and your presences and your great intention to bring through the new energies, the cosmic energies that are pouring forth upon the Earth at this time. I, Lady Gaia, bathe in these energies, I absorb these energies and they quicken me into rebirth and renewal that has been so long in coming. More and more Light is being deposited into  the great crystal each and every day, and I am thrilled to see that Light within the crystal pulsating and increasing in its intensity.

I, Lady Gaia, am the Soul, the Spirit of Mother Earth. I commune with the Universal Mother, I commune with the other universes and galaxies, I commune with the galactic brothers and sisters, I commune with great Prime Creator, I commune with all the great Light beings within the cosmos. I have the ability to do that and what I am now communicating to all of these beings is my great joy, my great gratitude and celebration, for I am ascending!

I am rebirthing into the greatness I was meant to be! I am transforming and transmuting, I am becoming Lighter in each and every moment, I am becoming Light! It is so joyous for me to experience this, it is so joyous for me to have the heaviness of millennia lifted from me, released from me, transmuted and cleared. It is such a great relief, such a healing to experience this. If you could but feel what I feel you would also transform and transmute in an instant and we would be living the Heaven on Earth that was meant to be so long ago.

I thank each and every one of you beautiful beings of Light for the service that you are rendering to me. I thank you for your love, I thank you for your loving transmutation and transducement of cosmic energies. It is healing, rejuvenating and revivifying me. There are pockets of that which does not resonate with that which I am becoming and these pockets are surfacing upon the Earth in those areas where it is meant to go through the universal law of attraction.

This is all happening for the purpose of lessons learnt and for the purpose of coming closer within, so that each being upon the Earth searches within themselves to find the answer, to find their Source, to find their love and to find their Light, so that they can remember who in fact, they really are. To all outward appearances it seems so cruel and tragic but this was in their soul plan.

My Being IS becoming Lighter each day, Dear Ones; but there are still some great wounds upon the surface, in the deep pit mines that have been digging into my body deeper and deeper, some so deep that the energy at the core of the Earth is streaming out in a ray of electromagnetic energy to the point where that great wound in my body has become a ‘No Fly Zone’, for it affects the instruments of the airplanes and they lose control of their planes and so they have learnt to avoid the wounds that were created within my planetary body.

I long for those wounds to be healed but until those who keep digging further and further into my body in the pursuit of minerals, metals and gemstones, until that activity is stopped, it is what you might call ‘just a band-aid solution’. And so I rejoice for the Light that you, my beautiful ones are transmuting and transducing to me each day. Beloved Children of Light, I thank you, I honor you and love you with all of my Being.

I AM Lady Gaia

Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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