LADY HOPE - NOVEMBER 2017


 Lady Hope portrait commissioned by Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I am Lady Hope and I come to bring a message of hope. We from the Ascended Master realms and the Archangel realms stand always by your side. Know this, even though you may not yet have the ability to feel, sense or see our Presence, know that we are ever with you, that we desire to uplift and empower, heal and balance in any way that you need. Be not concerned with the apparent happenings that are taking place upon your planet. This will continue on into the New Year but those of you who have raised your frequency levels will no longer be so adversely affected.

 In fact, you will find that things become easier, you will find that your bodies are more adapted to and able to process and assimilate the higher energies of love as they permeate your planet and your human operating systems. You are all being upgraded, this is a given, and this is something that occurs constantly; for as soon each person is ready for more, they are given the next set of downloads of light codes, light packages, attunements or activations. Whatever it is that may be required is given to each of you.

 There are many symptoms that you, the Lightworkers know that occur when you have received more downloads to take you to the next level and then you realize that you have to process this. This will become easier and easier to do in the days ahead - but not so for your brothers and sisters that live in your environment that surrounds you. It is necessary that you heal and protect yourselves as you walk among them. It is not that they will be directing negativity towards you but it is something that occurs as they are being cleansed.

The acceleration of this process is in effect, for there are plans to bring all of humanity into a higher octave of Light and frequency to enable all upon the planet who have contracted and so desire to be uplifted into the higher dimensions. In fact, the higher dimension is where the Earth now resides. It just remains for the mass of humanity to realize this and start working in unity with this thought, with this knowledge, for once that happens, things will progress rapidly!

I, Lady Hope and my Divine Complement, Archangel Gabriel, wish for you to know there is nothing to fear. If you maintain your equilibrium and your faith that all is well, then it IS … it is as simple as that! We are joyous to see that so many are returning to the ascended realms of Light! We are so joyous to see so many people upon your planet want to have discourse and interaction with us. This is very heart-warming and a great responsibility to those of us from the higher realms of Light. We take this joyously but, seriously. Call upon us at any time that you need faith and hope or empowerment, courage, strength and the will to move forward no matter what. Know that your prayers will always be answered. Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you, may you all be blessed beyond measure … and so it is!

I AM Lady Hope

©Marlene Swetlishoff Tsu'tama.

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