LADY HOPE - OCTOBER 2017


This image came through first when I commissioned a portrait of Archangel Gabriel channelled through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. The background story from Janine is below:

"I am being told from Star, my spirit guide - yes, it is Archeia Hope. Do you do messages from her? Perhaps she is wanting you to... I have had this happen once before when I was intending to draw a spirit guide for someone but another being came through for someone in connection with the person I was channelling for. It looks like you are going to have two pictures for the price of one! I will see if a message comes through...

Message from Lady Hope through Janine Keall:

Here is a message. She would like to be addressed as Lady Hope. She said it is easy to mistake her for AA Gabriel as they are very close. However, it was no mistake I brought her through for you. As you are aware through scribing many messages, there is a balancing of the male and female energies. Lady Hope has come through as she wants to emphasize the importance of the female energy for without the female energy, no inspiration or creative projects can be birthed.

 I received the image of the Empress in the Tarot in which she is depicted in some decks as she represents the womb for which fertile ideas can grow and mature. The colour orange in the picture indicates the abundance and creative potential that comes from being receptive, in order to download inspiration or wisdom to help us move forward on our path. There is so much darkness still prevalent on the planet, so Lady Hope wishes to share messages of hope and upliftment to the world, and she would like you to be her channel seeing as you already channel messages from her twin flame. Wow - how exciting Marlene! I hope this answers your query."

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I am Lady Hope, Divine Complement to Archangel Gabriel and together we work to uplift and empower humanity to remember where they have originated from. Beloved humanity, you are One with the angelic realms – know this and arise in your consciousness to the higher levels of the noble qualities of the Divine. We exhort you to remember your Divine roots and to connect on a daily basis by and through decrees, prayer or meditation in whatever way works best for you that brings you the connection that you desire.

As you raise your frequency level and vibration, you will be guided in all your ways as you walk upon your path on this planet. Know that the angelic realms surround you and your loved ones and can continue to guide you in safety so that you avoid the great Earthly changes that are taking place in certain areas of the planet. This is something that will continue – there will not be great chaos and destruction throughout the entire planet but there will be more changes in different areas of the planet in ensuing months ahead.

I, Lady Hope, desire as a representative of the Divine Feminine, to bring through messages so that the feminine aspect of the Divine is active in the world - because the world is crying out for the touch of the nurturing aspect – the love of the Divine. So we come forth and begin in this work! Throughout the planet, humanity is digging into the deepest levels of themselves trying to connect to a greater and higher Source of being.

Each individual desires within their heart of hearts, their sacred hearts, to rise up, to ascend and transcend the lower vibrations that are rampant upon the Earth at this time. They desire to connect into the higher realms of peace, harmony and love. This is the higher expression that is going to be arising from within. To all human hearts incarnate upon this planet, you will see in the months ahead this great rise in the love, care and compassion that lives within every human heart; that is a part of their angelic heritage.

Rise, Beloved Ones, do not be ashamed of your feelings of love and compassion. Do not be afraid to let yourself be known as one who follows the Light; that you are a child of Light! Go for it as you let this courage shine through you by standing in the Light that you are! You enable others around you by igniting their hearts as you cross their path so that they let their Light shine. We, the angelic kingdoms are assisting all who practice prayers, meditation and decrees at this time by magnifying and expanding the energies as you make your calls.

Even though it feels and looks as though chaos reigns upon the surface and within the planet, this is not so! Much good is being accomplished; much that no longer serves humanity is being purified and cleansed at a rapid rate. Walk in the knowledge of your inner goodness, walk in the knowledge that you are One with the Divine and hold the space for all of your sisters and brothers to also reunite with this Divine radiance.

With your kind permission, I will come again!

I AM Lady Hope, Divine Complement to Archangel Gabriel

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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