LADY MARY - JULY 2018    


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Beloved Ones,

I wish to speak with you about the incredibly wonderful new energies that are pouring down upon the Earth at this time and I might add, through each of the Beloved Lightworkers who have volunteered themselves to be transducers, to bring this energy safely anchored into the Earth plane, which in turn distributes it safely throughout your world and into the hearts of all humanity. As you do this, Beloved Ones, the entire atmosphere on Earth is changing.

There is a subtle but very powerful change that is happening within the hearts of all humanity. It is not readily apparent in your daily lives at this time because your news media are told not to bring through the recording and reporting of such events, but if you look around your neighborhoods and your communities, Dear Ones, you will notice a difference in how your neighbors and community members are acting with each other.

There is a greater love, a greater respect, there is more integrity from each person that is being manifested now and this phenomenon will continue to grow and expand and before you know it, the Earth will be filled with the radiance and the vibration of love, and peace and harmony. As this occurs there will be greater cooperation between all the sisters and brothers in the entire world, there will be goodwill exhibited, there will be the willingness to create solutions rather than problems, there will be a great cooperation that will be taking place between humanity across the entire length and breadth of the planet Earth.

This is now in its infant stages but this energy, this feeling within the hearts of all humanity will continue to grow and expand and it will ignite their sisters and brothers around them and so on and so on, and this is how positive, peaceful, loving change is happening upon the Earth. This is how the peaceful warriors achieve victory for the Earth, for all of humanity, and all the nature kingdoms upon the Earth. This is how you and the efforts that you make each day and your willingness to serve in this way is creating the wonderful change that is taking place.

There are many new exciting opportunities and possibilities for you. You have but to think of it and to ask, and you will be assisted to make it so. There are so many Beings of Light ready, willing and standing by to be asked to assist, to bring through new technologies, new ideas, new healing modalities, new art forms. The whole entire universe is in a new space, the space that is opening for all your wonderful, original creations and for those technologies and ideas that will come from your sisters and brothers of the Star Nations.

There is much magic afoot at this time and you have but to believe in it with all your heart and envision it and make it so. You, the Beloved Lightworkers, are the pattern makers for these times. You it is who are creating your new world. Everything that comes through you is being blessed by the legions of Light, the family of Light and the celestial Beings of Light, by the beings in many universes who are watching and cheering Earth and all upon her. As you move further into the path of Light that you have chosen, the transformation is now occurring.

We must add, Dear Ones, that these energies will be stepping up in intensity and frequency and so it becomes very, very important for each of you to continue to practice commonsense activities that will help you assimilate and transmute these energies in grace and ease, and of course, some of these are the drinking of lots of water, taking many moments to be out amongst nature communing with the Earth. Do not forget to ground yourself into the center of the Earth every morning, for this is extremely valuable and important not only to ground your own energies but for the Earth’s stability, and by doing so, the stability of all upon the Earth.

There are many weather patterns that are sweeping through your planet and you have the ability to adapt, you are prepared, wherever you reside, you create stability in that area and even for miles around you. Your Light radiates such distances, Beloved Ones. As this continues, there will come a time when all these radiations will connect as One. Your energy fields will touch each other all across the entire planet and this will be wondrous from our vantage point to see. There are greater and greater amounts of Light that are being broadcast from the surface of the Earth out into the universe.

Everywhere we look, the Light is beaming through, and there will come a time when the Lights that you are creating will magnify a thousandfold in every direction and the Earth will be radiant with the Light of all humanity and within its core. There is great change that is even now occurring within the Earth, the Light is growing and expanding. It is her Light, it is her destiny to become a shining Star, a Light unto the universe.

There are so many wonderful and great changes and transformations that are happening at this time – we of the higher realms rejoice to see what is unfolding within each of you and within humanity. Humanity’s Lights are beginning to shine forth, humanity’s will to experience a better world is coming forth in strength, power and desire. It is the silent and peaceful revolution of the people of the world and it can only continue until victory has been achieved.

Beloved Ones, continue to work diligently, continue to stand in your Light, continue to BE the Light, to BE the love upon this world, to be the Ambassadors and Emissaries of Light upon the Earth. There is no greater purpose that can be served at this time than this service that you are now performing. Let your Lights radiate and shine forth in all that you do.

Know that you are loved beyond measure. You are blessed in each moment of each day. Each of you are surrounded by Legions of Angels who work with you, who expand your energy fields. All are working together as one in unity to accomplish the great task of the ascension of planet Earth and all upon her. Stand tall, stand strong, radiate your Lights, Beloved Ones.

I AM Archeia (Mother) Mary 

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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