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 Beloved Lightworkers,

I want to speak to you regarding the new energies that are now inundating your planet and therefore, all of you. You are all familiar with the ways in which to work with these energies and I wish to bring some further revelations and methods that will help you to work through the last of the resistant energies that have been holding you back. These methods are as old as the Ancient of Days and come back to you with deep love and humility, for the timing is now right for this knowledge to come through, in order to accelerate the ascension process of all those who are ready and who will recognize the opportunity presented here.

My name is Lady Mira and I work with the magical elements of the Universe, of which there are many. I am associated with the elements of the four directions and my being moves through these elements in complete harmony and total balance. It is in these elements that further accelerated progress may be made that is more filled with grace and ease. This method I am giving to you is called “Giving My Heart Wings” and involves the following procedure:

Sit or stand with feet flat on the floor and inhale breath to a count of four, hold breath to a count of four, and exhale to a count of four, do this seven times. Then still with feet flat on the floor move your attention and focus to your third eye area, and close your eyes and begin humming while concentrating on your third eye area, sounding like “mmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Practice this for a full five minutes each day.This will accelerate the opening of your inner vision, your clairvoyant vision and persistence in this discipline will awaken your dormant abilities to blossom with alacrity.

Now, move on to part two of this practice by sitting still and focusing upon your third eye with the image of an eye opening in front of you. Mentally open this eye and then sit and wait for the impressions to come. These impressions will either come very quickly so that you think that nothing happened, or will develop very subtly the opening of your third eye. You must now discern which of these two ways, is your personal way of using your inner sight. Knowing this will be very helpful to you in realizing how your abilities work for you, and with persistence, will open up many new faculties that you did not know existed within you.

The next step involves holding the focus of your third eye area and moving down into the thymus (high heart) area, just below your collarbone. Now focus upon this center and begin to see a brilliant golden white star shining and sparkling within this space and hold to this image as long as you are able. This practice may seem simple but it produces very powerful results and you will then know why this method is titled as it is.

In time, this practice will bring you many delightful surprises that will open up a whole new world to you, a world that exists simultaneously along with yours which was not visible to your five senses. This world is teeming with life and energies that could be termed magical. So why not let the wonder and magic of these kingdoms become a part of your life now? I leave you now, in joy and with gratitude, for the opportunity to speak with you and give this gift of knowledge to help you on your path to encompass the awareness of the magical kingdoms.

I AM Lady Mira

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