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                  LADY PORTIA - SEPTEMBER 2019


The above image of Lady Portia was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! These times that you are experiencing are those that have been predicted for many centuries by the world’s holiest people, messengers that were in tune with the higher dimensions of reality. These ones were dedicated to bringing forth the highest truth so that the world’s population would understand that they were capable of communing with the Divine in this way within themselves, that they did not need to consult with the holy ones or anyone else, that they had access to greater knowledge and could, by purifiying their minds, bodies and focus, tap into this wisdom through their own efforts. Alas, these individuals were quickly vilified and scorned as heretics or witches and put to death.

And so, the truth was buried under layers of outer stories that satisfied the majority of the unquestioning ones, but those who sought more answers to their life questions were able through sheer persistence, to work through the layers until the truth they had been seeking was revealed to them. Always, this truth lay within their own consciousness. Spirit is simple in the way truth is made evident. In fact, sometimes it is so simple that the seekers just don’t get it even if it is placed right under their nose. Still, those who continually seek to find the Divine meaning and purpose of life are always supported and guided by spirit to find that which they are looking for.

 And so we come to these current times and here we have the same scenarios playing out right in front of you. Always, the truth bringers are ridiculed and discredited by the ones who are perpetuating the lies that have been told to the majority of the world’s population. But in these current times, the power of the truth and those who reveal it is too great for the old lies to be upheld and supported by the unawakened ones. In these current times, more and more of the world’s people are awakening and are questioning why they should do the same thing in the same way generation after generation, even when the time is long past to support such thinking or behavior.

And so we say, it is a time for discernment in all that you are presented with in your daily existence. Not everything that you see, hear or witness, is the truth. Always look behind the stories and the words to verify them within your own heart. Your heart always knows the truth about any situation you are confronted with. Find a space of time to go within and sit in stillness to discover the way before you that is the right path for you to follow. If this knowing does not come immediately, then wait and do not act but persist in the daily periods of going within to the stillness of quiet mind. Do not allow others to hurry you in this process. Their way is not your way and it is important to follow the guidance that is for you alone.

 Remember that you are always surrounded by angels, guides, teachers, archangels and cosmic beings of Light, love and wisdom. It is their greatest joy and privilege to assist you when you call upon them to come to your aid. Yet, the great majority of you never even ask! Realize the great opportunity and resources that you have in these changing times and make your calls! We from the higher dimensions can only do so much unless we are given your express permission. It is a free will planet that you live upon and we must honor each individual’s right to exercise their free will in all things. When you do call upon our assistance, watch for the synchronicities to start occurring. We are here to serve!

 I AM Lady Portia

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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