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                     LADY VENUS - OCTOBER 2019


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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love to speak of the inroads that have been made in every facet of life upon the Earth by Lightworkers everywhere. We are absolutely delighted and amazed at the concerted efforts each of you is making with such dedication, in keeping stability upon the Earth and in helping your brothers and sisters in all areas where your Light and focus is required.

 Much is changing upon the Earth and most importantly, within the hearts of humanity. Those who were closed to concepts that seemed threatening to them just a short while ago are now being enthusiastically embraced by so many people. Humanity is awakening and it will become more apparent in the world around you.

 Those who are awakening now are taking up the torch to bring much needed changes in every facet of Earth existence. More and more people are clamoring for attention to their causes, more and more people are not accepting the excuses and reasons which are given for so much that is transpiring upon your world. What was once accepted without question now gets a thorough review. This is such a good sign!

Beloved Lightworkers, we support you in all ways. Keep on making your calls, we are answering. Can you feel us as we come to stand at your side? We desire so earnestly to bring into manifestation the world of your visions, and ours too, of a peaceful and harmonious world, one that honors all inhabitants in all ways, a world that has abundance for all, and allows all of humanity to live their lives free from oppression and tyranny.

This is the world that is being brought into manifestation now. Each time one of you makes a stand for that which is right and good, you enable and empower a hundred others to also take their stand. By breaking free from fear by voicing your desire for a better way, it empowers a hundred others to do the same. This power grows exponentially until great changes occur, seemingly overnight.

Continue in your resolve to be all that you can be, to create better opportunities and adventures for yourselves. This is an excellent way to add powerful energies to the whole of humanity. Again, every action you take to regain your freedom empowers a hundred others to do the same.

You all know that the action we are talking about has nothing to do with force or arms, the action we are speaking of, is the action of your firm resolve to change your world in a peaceful but resolute manner, by constantly visualizing and affirming the world that you desire. You are starting to see results occurring in many ways. You have become mighty warriors of Light and we stand in awe at your magnificence!

The Light keeps pouring down upon Mother Earth and infusing everyone and everything, uplifting and raising the vibratory frequency. Those of you who have been working with energies for a long time are literally vibrating constantly. 

This will continue as your world is lifted up from the density that she was held in for such a long period of time. Keep on keeping on, Beloved Ones, the culmination of all you have worked for is almost upon you. Do not falter on your path. You are all dearly loved.

I AM Lady Venus

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