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 This stone is a deep sapphire blue and is aligned to the throat, brow and crown chakras and the air and starlight element. Musical notes G, A and B.

The Message:

 We, the lapis lazuli crystalline consciousness come forward to bring our message to the world. Throughout the Earth’s history, we have been a crystal whom those of great power used and relied upon as they worked to ensure their connection to the divine. The color of our stone shows the connection to the color blue which is associated with divine will and this is what those people of power used to connect psychically and through divination when it was required.

The use of our stone has in most recent years become more accessible as the energies of those who are on the ascension path has become of higher frequency. In previous days, the use of our stone was something that could only be withstood for a short period of time but now it has become easier for humanity to work with us on a more prolonged basis for their advancement upon their evolutionary journey back to Source.

The wearing of our stone is now something that can be used to further the opening of one’s psychic senses – that which was considered a normal function and then fell into the realm of lost knowledge. This lost knowledge of how to work with the lapis lazuli stone is now coming forth. We are the stone of the adepts, those who have traversed the spiritual path developing their spiritual and personal power in the use of their psychic gifts for the highest good of all, in their co-creation with their divine essence and guidance from higher spiritual realms.

 Those who are pure of heart and intention will have no difficulties in utilizing our energies as they work with us. Those who try to work with us who are still functioning on the lower realms will find that they cannot tolerate our energies. Throughout history, we have been a stone of power that denoted power of the highest vibratory frequencies. This has not changed but has evolved, for now we can help and assist greater numbers of humanity to take back their sovereignty, to take back their personal spiritual power of authority, discernment and psychic ability.

We vibrate with the divine feminine energies. We are connected to the divine and this aspect of the divine in total union and integration with the divine masculine energies. We bring balance in the highest faculties that every human has ability to access through pure intention. We are a stone and consciousness that requires discernment, self responsibility and self direction in those who work with us.

 We assist with the integration and assimilation of the higher frequency energies, those that are now inundating the planet and entering the personal energy fields of humanity. We are the stone of the Masters; we are the stone of the Adepts, the stone of wisdom and knowledge. We are the stone for those who aspire to acquire on their spiritual path to wisdom, love and power.

 For those who work with us and find our energy to be too great, we advise that you work with us slowly, that you be around our stone, our energies for a few moments each day and gradually increase the time so that our energies become assimilated in your energy fields and this will make it much easier for you to access as time moves forward. We enable many gifts that each person carries to come forward to the surface of their awareness that they may utilize this gift in their everyday world.

 We encourage each person on the spiritual path to work with us for we can bring many benefits; we can bring forth that which has been hidden within you that is your rightful knowledge, wisdom and power. We look forward to more of humanity working with our stone in the days ahead. We are so very grateful for this great opportunity to come forward with this message. May all be blessed. And so it is!

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