LARVIKITE CRYSTAL 

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This soft grey/dark grey crystal aligns with the root and brow chakras and the Earth and Air element.  Musical notes C and A enhance their effectiveness.

The Message:

 We the Larvikite crystal consciousness greet you! We come forth to give more information on how we, the Larvikite crystal consciousness may serve humanity during these changing times and beyond, into the new era that has dawned. We help an individual to ground themselves when they are feeling scattered in their thoughts, and in their energies. We are very helpful in bringing that equilibrium and balance that is required to keep them connected to the Earth. We are most helpful for those times when an individual is experiencing shock or trauma because we facilitate their ability to make the adjustments with grace in order to integrate the changes that are taking place within them and around them. This is why we are so helpful during these changing times upon your planet.

We also help with the stimulation of the brow chakra, the pineal gland which is known as the third eye chakra. As we ground an individual, we also help them to connect with their visionary capacities and abilities. We connect them with their subtle bodies and the energies of their subtle bodies which helps to illuminate those bodies so that there is a greater connection between the Earth bodies and the higher spiritual bodies. We offer a protective energy that helps to dispel and dissipate negative energies that one may have acquired or picked up during the day as they have come into contact with others and with other energies. There is much in the world you live in that has disruptive and chaotic energies.

When a person holds or wears our stone, it enables them to stay grounded and also to travel inter-dimensonally to acquire greater information about their former lifetimes and the knowledge that they hold deep within them. We facilitate this connection with grace and ease and one is transported to the inner realms, that deeper and more profound place within where all answers to any questions that they may have are found. Meditating with our crystalline stone upon ones physical body is immensely helpful to those who do this exercise that is important to them in order to connect to their own higher aspects.

We are also empowering to those who work with us during times of great change and transformation. In these times we are immensely practical as the stone of choice and if we are used in combination with the selenite crystal, we together are unsurpassed in both grounding and connecting the wearer of our stone with their higher aspects and their higher knowledge. We bring greater insights into what is occurring around them and within them at the time that they need it.

The colors within our stone are Earthy and provide a soothing, relaxing and healing energy that balances and equalizes any disruptive energies, any anxiety or stress that a person may be feeling or experiencing. We help tremendously to bring calmness. If an individual has visionary abilities or tendencies we assist to create the connection to their higher aspects, to the greater wisdom that is contained within their own diverse experiences throughout their spiritual sojourns.

We help an individual to understand and resolve issues and complications that are difficult and make the choices and decisions that are practical and conducive to the resolutions of those issues, without experiencing them through the emotional body. We help an individual to see their higher aspects, to connect to that higher aspect within themselves on the higher spiritual dimensional of life. We assist in the completion of unfinished projects in order to bring closure to everything that needs closure.

When an individual works with us we help them to connect into and acquire new information and create new channels for this knowledge to come through to them which can open new opportunities and new possibilities that they did not discern before. We enhance a persons mental functioning by improving their concentration, perception and assimilation of inner visions and to make use of this in a practical manner.

We can bring hidden information into the awareness of ones consciousness. We help to dissolve any internal tension that one may be feeling and help clear emotional trauma. We help the individual to assimilate their life experiences and provide the inner stability and path to spiritual growth that they may require. We bring out a person’s great inner strengths through a harmonious energy.

The longer that one works with and wears our stone, the greater the interfacing of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There is an integration; a facilitation that occurs with their higher spiritual consciousness and perceptions, a reconnection to the truth of their spirituality. In this we serve with impeccability.

We are grateful for this opportunity to bring forth our truths and many blessings.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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