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A clear quartz crystal that has ‘ladders’ or grooves upon some or all of the faces of the crystal – aligned with the crown and soul star chakras and the air and starlight element. Musical notes – F sharp & C

The Message: 

We the Lemurian Seed Crystal Consciousness come with great joy and elation to bring this message to humanity. Long have we waited for these times to come that we may restore to the people of the Earth the knowledge that has been recorded within our beings. Each one tells the story of an individual person/being that had lived on the continent of Lemuria in the long ago times.

 Each story is unique, each story contains valuable information that would bring back the quality and flavor of the times of Lemuria, a continent that was vast. It is where the clear quartz crystal was planted from other planetary systems. These crystals were planted in underground caves where they were allowed to grow and expand their beings. It required thousand of years. It required a patient wait by those beings who initiated this project.

Now the Earth has entered the dawning of the new golden age of Aquarius. This is a time that all knowledge from the ancient civilizations, the knowledge of the golden age civilizations, seeks to return to the consciousness of humanity upon the Earth. These stories have been preserved for eons of time in order that the knowledge of the ones who lived in those civilizations is not lost but is available to be retrieved.

There are those upon your world who have ability to access these stories, to access this knowledge. The one who is bringing through this message is one of these but there are many more - many of whom do not yet know or remember that they worked with us before and that they have the ability to retrieve knowledge and information that has been stored within our being.

This knowledge was stored in this way in order that the preservation of the knowledge would not be destroyed through the ravages of time. The quartz crystal consciousness has ability to do this, for we grow and expand through time. We retain, as we were programmed, the knowledge that was stored within us. It is in this way that the knowledge is safely preserved.

If you are one who is fortunate enough to possess one or more of our crystalline beings, know that the crystals that you have ownership of are those that you - your soul - who existed in the times of Lemuria - has left to be retrieved when the times were auspicious to do so.

One must hold the crystal in one’s right hand and gently run one’s thumb over the ‘ladders’ on one of the sides, one of the faces of the crystal. As this is gently done, the knowledge returns. This may require many efforts before the story unfolds. Each person who owns one of our crystalline beings has the potential to read and decipher and decode the knowledge contained within the crystal. We say to you, humanity, seek to find your story from the times of Lemuria, find a Lemurian seed crystal and you can reconnect with your own Lemurian aspect from those times of long ago. There is much that can be learned in this way.

It is important if you receive and remember your story, that you share it with others, for the knowledge contained within each crystalline being from those times is coded with information of life during the Lemurian times. Each crystal holds a piece of the puzzle of the times of Lemuria, but not only that, each Lemurian seed crystal with its individual story embedded in the ‘ladders’ of the crystal may also connect to the collective consciousness of all the Lemurian seed crystals upon the planet.

 There is the potential for a Crystal Reader to receive the greater picture of the times of Lemuria, to receive much information of civilizations that existed during those times and all the details that are available through the new crystalline grid that is now functioning upon the Earth. The Crystal Reader has ability to bring through and restore lost knowledge. These have been trained and programmed before they entered this incarnation.

They resonate with the crystalline beings, with the crystalline frequency. Indeed, they contain the crystalline energy within their multi-dimensional beings. They have been programmed and trained to bring through the lost knowledge in order that all that was important will be restored to the new root race of these times. For truly all is one, there is no linear time, there is spherical time and because of that, what goes around comes around, it is brought back in language symbolism for the current times and this is what will soon unfold.

We look forward to meeting with those who have their life stories recorded within our crystalline beings, we look forward to having the pieces of this crystalline puzzle restored. We are so grateful for this unprecedented and most exciting opportunity to come forward to speak to humanity now. We bless all Lemurian souls, you will remember, you will know who you are. Those who are incarnate upon the planet now are small in number but what you hold in potential is a gift to your world.

We leave you now with blessings and gratitude.  

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