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I am Paddy. I come from the world of the Leprechauns. This world exists in the same space as your world but in a different dimension. We live, learn and move about our daily lives in much the same manner as humans do. We grow and evolve and endeavour to exceed our own expectations of excellence. In this way, we compete with no one else and strive to do only what is good and positive in everything we put our minds to. We are very capable and industrious and are doers rather than deep thinkers. We like action rather than stillness and learn through our many experiences.

 As the world we all share goes through many changes, transformations and shifts, the world of the Leprechauns is also changing. We are opening to interaction with the human world again as we did long ago. There used to be a deep connection between us in previous epochs of time. We move in and out of your world with the greatest of ease and can move through walls and buildings, doors and windows, for we know that everything around us is all a matter of what is perceived. We know that basically everything is energy including our body forms and so we learn how to manipulate our atoms as we move about from one dimension to another.

This is something that humanity will be able to do as well, as the entire planet moves into a higher dimensional level. This will take some time for humanity to become aware of and accomplish but that time is coming into a definite possibility and probability. We from the Leprechaun world need more of humanity to accept the reality of our existence as this will hurry the process of reuniting along the evolutionary journey of this planet. So we ask that humans begin to give some thought and reflection to the idea that we co-exist and can work in harmony with each other.

I, along with others of my kind, have been chosen as Ambassador between our multi-dimensional realms of existence. It is our hope as a species to create paths and avenues where we can work in cooperation and harmony with humanity to help to restore and heal the Earth and cleanse energies that are not in harmony with our inter-related worlds. The Leprechaun world exists in a natural environment, there is very little technology as exists in the human world and we need our environment to reflect this reality. We are aware of this technology that exists in your dimension but choose to remain in a harmonious relationship with the natural world around us.

This is the environment that we thrive in and we want to ensure that it is restored and preserved for all time, for with the opening of the dimensional worlds to each other as is happening now, we are becoming affected by the other dimensional worlds around us. It has become a concern to the Elders of our world and so we are reaching out to establish a connection with those humans who are open to our existence and are also aware and concerned with the preservation of the natural environment that sustains us all. We are, through this message, issuing a call to those who love the natural world. Call upon the Leprechauns and let us know that you want to work with us! We have much knowledge that we can share with you that is for the benefit of all of the kingdoms of the Earth that share the same planetary world as our home.

 In hope and anticipation, we await your connection!

I am Paddy

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