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Past Lifetimes in China

A Reading done for Marlene on December 18, 2019 by Jocelyn Joy Thomas. (Typing it out has been a challenge due to health issues but I need to read things to get the fuller understanding so I have been doing it slowly. There is another one after this one still to do sometime in the future.) Sending love to Joy as she is recovering from the effects of the Corona Virus.

This is a Custom Reading for Marlene by Joy. Let’s begin by calling in the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Raphael and Chamuel and as they come in, they create a circle of love and protection for this reading to occur. I also call in your higher self and higher team of Guides to assist us here today. We are looking for past lifetimes with your twin in China. We are asking to see…we know the location, China…so let us see what else we get.

I know they have a different calendar – I know it goes back farther than the western calendar. And I know they have dynasties, that’s about all I know. What I’m feeling is being drawn back, way back in time. It feels like it is going back when there were dynasties. I am seeing farmland…village, that kind of thing. I think this is your village, I see you, a small child. I can see your father working the fields.

It just feels like a very quiet life. You have a brother – he’s older and your twin is his friend. So that’s how you meet, you grew up together – you and your twin, like neighbors. I am getting some kind of connection with your grandmother and healer…I wouldn’t say Shaman but almost that…like she has some connection to mystical worlds or abilities…something like that. And you are very curious about this.

So she teaches you about it – healing, herbs, potions … something about matchmaking. I don’t know if you would help the matchmaker … your grandmother would provide some kind of herbal remedy or something…it almost seems like a spell to me. I don’t think they called it that but it would make the process more smooth or more auspicious for the family so they have a daughter that would be matched with somebody or a son, you know, make that whole process the most auspicious that it can be for the family. So something along those lines…I feel like your grandmother had a big market with that and so this became a big interest for you with all of that!

I think what started this was you would notice there would be people coming to visit (your grandmother lives with you) so there would be people coming to visit and you started wondering what it was about. First it was you being around and kind of noticing and peering into the house and saying ‘what is going on?” Why are all these people coming to see grandma? And then it became you going into the room and she didn’t shoo you away so you would be kind of a fly on the wall. As you get a little older, she sees you have an interest so (and people come for other reasons too) people that need healing, there’s people that are coming with problems and they need help but that could also be related to healing and potions and things like that.

So whatever it is, though, she has a bit of a reputation…she’s big…she’s pretty big for the village! It feels like maybe the only one who offers these kind of services…maybe there is one in each village, I am not sure. It definitely feels like this is passed down…from her mother and so on. She is your father’s mother so this can only be passed down to the female children and it has to be someone in the line so it couldn’t be your mother, it had to be in the genetic line and it has to be female so that is why you become the one. Remember your brother who is older than you would not receive this training but you would have.

Now let us get into your twin flame and what that was about…I just wanted a background of what it was like growing up…you essentially received all the training by your grandmother but you also have your twin so he is aware of who your grandmother is and who you are so it is not like a new thing or something you have to not do because he is in your life. No…he accepts it and that is lucky because I am not sure if he was from a different village… whether he would accept it so much but there is no clash because he is local.

It is very natural because you grow up together and I feel like there is some structure around this, for example, at a younger age you were able to play together but when you get a little older, your grandmother and mother kind of take you and keep you hidden away, it almost feels like. So it became, “oh no, here’s a boy, you can’t be near him!” … that kind of thing. There is just this kind of weird separation that happens after a certain age…just tradition and things like that.

After a certain time, he goes to your father and takes the steps to let your father know that he is interested in marrying you. Now remember there is the matchmaker component so I feel like there is some politics involved here but your parents move through that because it is a good match for you and your twin to marry, fortunately. Your father has a small farm and his father has a small farm. They are not that far apart from one another. There is one little property between the two and maybe it is not a farm. So they reach an agreement with that property holder and it is allowed and the two farms merge together and become a larger farm. So it is a financially productive marriage for everybody involved.

So let us take a look now at your life together. The first thing I saw is that you don’t immediately do anything with the farm. I was kind of expecting, O.K. at least your husband would probably work within the farm…but I feel like where you live is a little bit of a distance from that…I do feel him having to maybe walk to the farm every day, whatever he does – commute, let’s say. One of the reasons I feel you’re a little away from the farm is because you wanted to be a little bit closer to the heart of the village rather than the outskirts as you can imagine, farms would have to be on the outskirts so that is part of it but his job has to do with the farm.

As far as you and what you are focusing on other than marriage and (I do feel you getting pregnant early on in the marriage and that is going to be a son, I can feel the male energy there.) but it is to continue on with the work that your grandmother taught you and at first that is just mainly to do with you, your husband and your children as you have them – I feel you have 3 sons. At first you focus on healing just your family but eventually you start healing others and word spreads that you are your grandma’s granddaughter…and people start to come to see you.

Of course, at that time you are still visiting your grandma. That is the tradition, that is what they have always done. It is a village that is moderately sized, I wouldn’t say it is small so it is interesting that you are living across town from your grandmother and at first people are not sure, they don’t really know who you are…it is not like it is so small they know who you are but they know who she is, they have all heard of her so seeing that people who are more central to you will start coming to you.

At first, I feel, it is just for illness, little physical things like needing certain medicines for things but then I feel over time it is more about more mystical things like potions and stuff like that. I feel that you resist that for a little bit, not so much because you do not believe in it – maybe a little bit, just a little bit because it is ‘old fashioned’, kind of folklore, does it really work…I feel you kind of battle with that.

The herbal remedies work…you can see that they have an immediate effect…that it is beneficial. The other thing is, when you are diagnosing, you are using a lot of intuitive abilities. Sure, there are instructions, you know, this pain means that, that kind of thing and then you would give this particular herb. But I feel like there is also an intuitive element to it where you are feeling out (and this is true of Chinese medicine) so they don’t just look at the symptoms, so you are taught to do that but it is also your intuitive ability that allows you to do that.

So what I am feeling is that you stretch out and you feel the whole field of the person. So if it is a stomach ache, you might actually see that it is not the actual stomach that is the cause, that there is something to do with the heart, or maybe there is some kind of anxiety or issue or other area that is putting pressure on the physical body that is being felt by the stomach, so to alleviate it, you would give something to help the heart, so you would be looking for something to calm this person down.

And the next person would have a pain and it would be something entirely different. So you become really good at this over the years so you know what you are doing. The only thing is, notice you had only three sons – you don’t have a daughter – so there is no one to take over what you do and so that is a bit of a concern … your grandmother passes eventually and you take on the role of the village healer, and there is no one to pass it down to.

What I do feel is that one of your sons is very eager to take it on and it is not entirely out of tradition for a male to do this…it is just that it is not the most desirable thing. And your Twin is supportive of this - but it feels like some of his family is not, of their grandson becoming essentially a role a woman and eventually an older woman would take on. So there’s a little bit of flack and that is a big deal for these times, for the family to disapprove of something.

But you proceed because your Twin told you to go ahead. The important thing is that he was very supportive of what you did and even later on, that you were teaching your son to do that as well. So, let’s us see if there is anything else important in this life because we are going to go to the next one…getting a little short on time…the rest of the life feels pretty smooth…I don’t feel any major illnesses or anything like that. I feel like everybody is able to live out their lives and die of natural causes, that kind of thing.

Let’s just look at the karmic carryover then and that is – first – love, family, tradition and healing, in this case that would be you are a healer - not because you needed healing and dedication.

Let us go to the second lifetime now...

Now we are in a city and it is more modern…Beijing, I believe. I am getting a lot of lights, music, a lot of city noises, hustle and bustle…there’s a lot of people. I feel like you are a daughter of a family that owns a restaurant. You are working there when you meet your Twin who is traveling through town. He is not from the city, he is from a different part of China. He is from China also though. He travels there often though. You see him about twice a month. He starts coming in just to see you. Your parents notice. I would say he is about 10 years older but they are O.K. with it as long as he is respectable.

So in the early stages we see him showing an interest, speaking to you, learning a little bit about you as you are working at the restaurant. And I hear the words ‘whirlwind romance’. He comes in periodically, a couple of times every month. Then he asks your parents if he can marry you, and at first they don’t like it, they don’t want you to move because they need you to work in the restaurant – so your Twin has to devise a better strategy, he has to basically kind of show that he is worth it – he is worth the losing of you in the restaurant and basically you would be living in a different city too.

He takes some time and goes away, and you are thinking “Oh great, they scared him off, I will never get married, I am stuck here forever!” You were really mad at them because you really resonated with him and you were thinking there was never going to be another chance for love, you were doomed to this lifestyle but then he comes back about two or three months later…that is kind of a long time to leave you in the lurch like that…but he comes back and he has purchased a home in your city so you can still work at the restaurant if you marry him and nothing changes for your family.

Also he has more savings… I think he is a wheeler dealer so he put some deals together, made a bunch of money and whatever he did persuaded them and they said ‘yes’! O.K. So now let us go into your marriage – I feel that you have two daughters and your Twin and you love each other very much…it is hard to put into words, it is kind of like you just fall into this wonderful type of union and you were very impressed that he made the stand that he did in order to get the approval of your parents, that he would go that far, that he would buy a home and put that much effort in it. And he did it in a relatively short time, if you think about it. So he is full of surprises like that.

In your married life, I feel that he was a very good husband, very loving and affectionate and that he would often bring you presents, bring you thoughtful things – gifts, flowers, just little items but they showed how much he loved you, how much affection he held for you. The only thing I feel is that maybe, was uncomfortable at times was his business…putting together deals, investments, that kind of thing and there would be then, times as a result of that because sometimes when you take a gamble it doesn’t pay off. Other times, it pays off big…so he kind of had that almost gambling mentality…and that would really make things hard financially at times. You tried desperately to hide that from your parents but eventually they kind of got the gist of it because you had to go back to work for your parents because you needed the money.

But things evened out…they always did. Your daughters liked being at the restaurant and near family. They actually preferred that so that was actually a blessing in disguise. It was a nice restaurant…it feels like very traditional home style meals. The whole atmosphere is like that too and it is a good place to be. And you have your Twin and you have this beautiful life with him. I would say the money thing is the only thing that is a little uncertain and it is like everything else is very solid.

You have your family as well as your marriage and your daughters. You have love, a romantic love, you have this very thoughtful, considerate and affectionate husband who feels loyal. The only downside is the inconsistency with finances but you have this family restaurant to fall back on so there is a way that you can keep financially afloat and are pretty much able to maintain the lifestyle that you have for yourselves, it is not like you have to get into a smaller house or something like that.

I feel that in time you were able to get a larger house than when you started at the beginning so small growth, slow, because there were a lot of ups and downs financially but that does pretty much stabilize. I do feel that he dies before you in this lifetime – something to do with the lungs…could be lung cancer or something like that…he dies a little bit early from that – let’s say early fifties. Not super early but definitely not living his full life. That put you back into that space with the family. By then you are running the restaurant.

I feel like your father also passes close in time to when your Twin does, so you have got your mother, yourself, the daughters – your daughters are older by that time and so it is a beautiful union and all the Divine Feminine in the family…coming together and running the restaurant that I feel goes on for another generation after that, for sure. I really like that feeling of that restaurant and the family bonds within it as well, and of course, this beautiful union with your Twin.

The carryover for this lifetime is family, partnership, bonds, love, communication and tradition. So it is interesting because there is two lives – both of the lives are strong in family, if you look at them. One of them being in a very different time period. Being connected to family, not just your immediate biological family but also the village and being a healer in that village. That is really quite beautiful. You also have a very strong Divine Feminine presence in that lifetime. Your grandmother’s tradition passed on through you and yes, you give it to your son…what a beautiful balanced thing to do…and it is equally beautiful that you grew up with your Twin. The two of you speak the same language, energetically you come from the same village and it is a very easy transition into married life.

The second life you don’t grow up with your Twin but he certainly makes an impression on you and you on him when you do come together. It is kind of like when he decides something, he will figure out a way to get it whether that be one of his business deals or in the case of you two being able to get married…it was something that was the biggest challenge of his life. Your parents were pretty obstinate but he made it work. The life that you had together was so much love, so much affection, so much building together and it was a very beautiful process.

The word tradition comes up in both lifetimes. The bonds that you shared in both lifetimes too, very, very strong. Of course, the Twin Flame bond but in both of these lives, family being a very strong bond as well. We don’t know much about his family because he came from a different region but he integrated himself into your family.

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