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Lightwave Energy Infusion Therapy©

 The Lightwave Infusion Therapy© technique was developed by Bryan de Flores, www.lightquest-intl.com . This exciting energy modality is a type of energy therapy concerned with the level of vibration of an individual's energy field.

The process was designed to assist you in preparing and activating your lightbody. Lightwave Energy Infusion Therapy © works with the powerful, universal energy of creation to shift and balance thoughts and emotions, transforming and eventually manifesting in the complete restoration of the physical body.

The Lightwave Energy Infusion Therapy© technique works with the alignment to your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Elementals & God sanctioned spirit guides. We balance the nine point chakra system and five elements, activating the electron and etheric bodies.

In addition, the Lightwave Energy Infusion Therapy© will increase your own psychic abilities, gifts of healing and manifestation powers.  Individual frequencies are then infused to recalibrate the body, mind and soul, and cellular memories are cleared during the treatments.

The session is then cocooned to seal the frequencies and allow for greater healing and assimilation. Periodic Lightwave Energy Infusions© enhance, strengthen, clear and protect your energy field allowing for an easier transition during the ascension process.

Lightwave Energy Infusion Therapy© sessions will help you achieve and maintain a very positive state of health and vitality for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, unfolding exciting higher potentials for your soul’s destiny!

These sessions are offered through Skype. I will need your land line telephone number when I receive payment. 

Investment: 1/2 hour to 40 minute session - $75.00 U.S. Please email me at therainbowscribe@gmail.com for Paypal link with "Lightwaves session" in the subject line. I will send you the payment link in reply. Thanks!






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