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Beloved Ones,

I wish to speak with you about the work that you are doing to raise and daily maintain your frequency levels. As you do this, the frequency levels of the planet Earth and her inhabitants is also raised. This is called, upon our planes of existence, ‘The Great Work’ and it is you who are incarnated upon the Earth plane who are bringing this Great Work into manifestation.

We of the Family of Light look upon you with great pride, and with great awe at all that you have been and are still, accomplishing. There is cosmic Light that is being grounded into the Earth at this time, there is great and magical energy abounding. And so, I want to speak to you about this magical energy and how you may implement it and manifest it into your daily existence.

It requires belief, first of all, and the faith that this magical energy exists! It requires motivation each day to call it forth and make it work in your life. The cosmic energies that are now streaming into the atmosphere of the Earth are opening up the ‘veils’ to the elemental and devic kingdoms. These kingdoms are becoming more visible to you and their inhabitants are very willing to begin conscious interaction with you. They wish to be invited into your life so that they may work in unison with you to bring the wonder and magic of heaven to the Earth.

Life upon this world of yours is changing moment by moment so open yourself up to the magic and say to yourself each day, ‘I believe in magic!’ This will put you in a state of reception in your mind’s eye and heart as you trust that you will see some of those wonderful beings that exist all around you and share your world with you. They are wondrous beings that most of you have not seen for eons of time. Now, their presence is becoming more known and visible, so watch and look around you for evidence of their presence!

When you are out in nature, look around you and try to tune into these wonderful beings that are anxious to communicate with you in a direct manner. Open yourself up through your intention to communication with them and this will happen. Be patient with yourself, for this will not occur in an instant manner unless you are one who already has your inner eye fully open, but if you work with this intention each day it will happen for you.

There is great and wondrous magic afoot. There is great jubilation and celebration that is occurring in the cosmos, for the Earth is ascending and all upon the Earth are ascending as well, whether they are aware of this or not. So, Dear Ones, look for, believe in, and trust in the magic. Have fun in bringing this quality forth from within you. Feel joy and gratitude for all the blessings and wonderful synchronicities that are occurring around you in each moment. Feel the magic!

I AM Merlin

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