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Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love in honor of you who have been working so diligently and so earnestly to anchor the Light into the Earth. You have been doing a magnificent job and I, Lord Buddha and the rest of the Family of Light members salute each and every one of you! Each day upon the planet Earth more and more of your Light is igniting and radiating out into the atmosphere.

It is a glorious sight to see. There is, literally, a rainbow of Light upon the Earth springing up in many, many points of the planet. As these Lights expand and radiate across the surface of the Earth, they join together in a rainbow, a glorious rainbow of Light which in turn, creates an aura that circles the entire planet Earth. This rainbow of Light is growing in intensity, each color is vivid, intense and clear. This rainbow sphere of Light that surrounds the Earth is a great blessing to humanity and all sentient life upon the Earth. As it grows in its intensity and its hues, what is occurring is a blending of all the colors of each of you and it is a powerful symbol of the unity of consciousness of all humanity and all other life forms upon this planet.

We upon the higher planes of consciousness are so joyful and jubilant and in celebration to see this occurring, for it indicates that unity consciousness is occurring within humanity and out into all sentient life upon the planet. We see all the kingdoms upon the Earth working in joyful unison with humanity as you respectfully include them as you call them forth. What is occurring is that we are ALL working together in unity and as this consciousness continues to grow and expand, the Light upon the Earth grows ever brighter. There is a golden glow surrounding everything and this is the cosmic Christ Consciousness descending upon the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Continue, Dear Ones, in your spiritual disciplines in whatever way is most relevant and meaningful for you, continue to stand in your Light, for this is so crucial and so necessary today, and in the days ahead. Take each day one at a time, honor yourselves and the Light that you are. Remind yourselves often of the Light and the Divinity that you truly are. Intend first thing each morning that you walk through each day upon the Earth fully in your own energies and in your own power and in your own sovereignty, the sovereignty of your Divinity.

As this process continues, more of you will be coming into Christ Consciousness. There are more and more golden suns almost breaking forth from each of you. The potential that exists is for an ENORMOUS critical mass of ignition coming forth together on the Earth plane within your physical human bodies. You are creating once and for all, the higher frequency Light, fully anchored upon this world. You are a living Christ and heart consciousness walking the Earth, manifesting divine order and blessing the Earth, healing the Earth and changing everything upon the Earth. This is what is in the great potentiality for the planet Earth and all inhabitants upon the Earth.

So, Beloved Lightworkers, keep on keeping on. You hear this from us so often and it has more than one meaning. It is an encouragement to continue to stand in your Light, it is an encouragement to not give up hope, it is an encouragement also that the world that you wish and desire to manifest is close to occurring. When we speak in terms of ‘close to occurring’, we are not talking in linear terms, we are talking in cosmic terms but rest assured, in linear terms, there is a Light at the end of the tunnel.

Know that we ALL work together upon the multi-dimensional realities now, there is great harmony and cooperation. The Lightworkers incarnate in the world are working in the etheric realms and coordinating the groups that exist upon the Earth. Each group has its function, and each is performing admirably this function. It all works together in harmony and in unison, for at the heart of all this effort is the single purpose of the Divine Plan which is to restore the Earth and all of her inhabitants to their Divine heritage, to create Heaven on Earth.

I AM Lord Buddha

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