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 I, Ashtar, have waited a long time for this opportunity to speak through this Scribe and it is, indeed an honor. This Scribe has dedicated her life in service to the Divine. Many things she is doing are not visible or tangible in this reality that you call Earth reality. She works upon many dimensions and oversees many things. Her dedication to present the truth is renowned throughout the galaxies and her Patron, Lord Hilarion, is very proud and very thankful to be working with her and so are we of her Council of Light.

 The times that are upon the inhabitants of the planet are those that are bringing in new and intense energies – energies of change, energies of transformation. There is so much going on right now that it is difficult for even the seasoned Lightworkers to stay grounded, to stay connected to their inner core essence but this is what is advisable and required – that each of you find the way – and you should know this by now – what works best for you - in order to remain centered in your core essence, your Divine essence, for this is what you are endeavoring to embody.

As you cleanse and purge, all that does not serve you any longer (and it is becoming difficult not to do this for everyone upon the planet), as you do this, more and more Light comes into your physical vehicles and this will eventually be the largest percentage of that which your body emanates and radiates out into the world to everyone around you. This was planned from the beginning and all of you, especially those of you who come to this website, you are all seasoned Lightworkers, you have been at this work for decades. You are the ones who have set the stage for what will occur in coming years.

 Know that you are not alone. Not only does the planetary spiritual hierarchy, the Family of Light, work with each of you along with the Archangelic and Angelic realms but that we also, of the Ashtar Command are also available to be called upon to give assistance as requested in whatever ways serves your highest soul plan in the best manner to produce the highest and best outcome. Make no mistake, discipline is required. It is not something that is given to you frivolously. Whatever assistance comes to you is that which you have earned through the efforts that you have been making in all areas and facets of your life and in the service that you have taken on.

This remembrance of your service to the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light will come into your consciousness in the next few years. For some, it will come soon, for others, it will take some time, but eventually all of you who have volunteered to be here in these moments will remember.  Your Divine mission and your Galactic mission will be remembered. Most of you are already upon your path, most of you have endeavoured to be in alignment with the service that you have set out before you came to this Earth to take on. You are on track.

It is during these times when the higher dimensions are blending with the rising Earth energies that are the most trying for those who are and have been at this work for a long time. There are new energies and new facets -  confusing ones - that are coming to the fore. Telepathic communication between human inhabitants – now this was usually unheard of in the previous decades but now this ability is coming into manifestation and it creates a lot of confusion, mostly within each individual; for not having had this ability before and then encountering it, creates some level of doubt that they are actually having a conversation telepathically with others upon this planet and off planet as well.

 Those of you who have taken on and have the ability to receive transmissions will be receiving direct guidance from us in the days ahead. This is a time also of coming together with soul group members, with soul mates, planetary soul mates, help mates and twin flames. There is a coming together at this time that is challenging to those of you who receive information that is not complete and it requires adjustment; it requires first of all an acceptance that this is actually occurring.

 For many of you, when these realizations have come or which are soon to come, there is a resistance - there is a resistance to all the good that you so richly deserve, to actually be coming to you. You resist, you fight this realization because you are still steeped in the old paradigm way of thinking and this needs to be corrected, this thinking needs to be adjusted so that each one of you is open, ready and prepared to receive in equal measure to that which you have given. This process is something that will become more commonplace in the next year or two.

Know that all is as it should be and that you are part of the team that volunteered to come many, many decades ago to bring your energies to the Earth as a blessing, as a help, as an assistance and it is good. We are with you, we support you - you are part of our team here on Earth, the Earth Team. You will find your way becoming clearer in the times ahead. I am very happy and grateful to have this opportunity to come forward with this message. May all be blessed!

 I AM Ashtar of the Ashtar Command

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