Magenta Aura Quartz Crystal image property of ©Janine Keall

 This beautiful technologically enhanced quartz crystal of bright pink color is aligned to the heart, high heart and soul star chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes C and F.


The Message:


 Channelled Image of Magenta Aura Quartz Crystal Deva by Janine Keall

Greetings to all! We joyfully approach to deliver our message! We, the magenta aura quartz crystal consciousness uplift an individual on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as they work with us. We inspire creativity that comes from being aligned to one’s higher soul purpose. We align those who are keepers of our stone with a greater attunement to the realm of Divine love so that they stay on track with their higher destiny. We give the ability for an individual to have a clear connection to the Divine so that they are able to receive clear spiritual guidance and communication from the higher realms and from their spiritual guides and angels. We enable a person to learn how to manifest the high vibrations of the spiritual realms into physical reality, thus bringing heaven to Earth.

 For this reason, we are a good choice for those who are artistically inclined, as working with our stone allows them to see life from a different and unusual perspective and then to bring this vision into the physical realm. These creative individuals follow their own star and are not easily influenced by the current standards of society. They are deeply connected to the Divine Light of spirit and are committed to actualizing their higher spiritual ideals. Through utilizing our stone, they are given the inner courage to make momentous changes in their way of thinking, living and being. They have a tremendous respect for the sacredness of all life and are keenly aware of the oneness of All That Is. They have creative and lively minds, and are resourceful, imaginative, inventive, innovative and strong-willed individuals.

They know they are safe and secure in who they are, and they know they are cared for on a much higher level than is apparent in their physical existence. They have the ability to detach from all judgment and this makes for harmonious relations with others. That which they manifest into the world gives them the strength of self validation and they are not easily swayed by others. They have the capacity to learn how to serve on Earth while residing in Heaven. They give care and appreciation to the little things in life and though their life on the physical plane may be simple, they live large on the cosmic level. This simplicity brings forth elegant beauty and harmony in their environment.

The Earth at this time in its spiritual journey is permeated with the magenta ray and it is a strong and vibrant powerful energy that helps with transmutation, transformation and transcendence to higher perspectives. It is a spiritually practical energy that encourages a balanced and common sense outlook on life; therefore we help to keep an individual grounded in their reality while communing with the spiritual realms. We help them to rise above the everyday dramas of life in order to experience a greater and higher level of knowledge and awareness. We encourage focus upon positive self love and self realization in those who utilize our stone.

We help an individual make the connection between what they feel, think, and believe within themselves and to observe what they are manifesting into their lives. By doing so, they fully engage in creating their own reality. They understand that by changing their beliefs it changes their personal truths and this will ultimately change their life in its outward manifestation. By changing ones beliefs and taking control of inner truths, they begin to heal themselves and create wholeness on all levels in their lives. By utilizing our stone we attract to our keeper all that they have dreamt, desired and aspired to bring into their reality. We uplift and inspire the feelings of happiness and vitality in those who work with us.

 We are another stone created for the current and future times upon this planet. We are eager to work with those who resonate with our stone and look forward to a beneficial association with them. We leave with our blessings, in peace and goodwill.

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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