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   Make Your Choice - Take Your Stand! 
 Published September 30, 2021 on www.therainbowscribe.com by ©Marlene Swetlishoff, Author, Ascender Master and Originator of this content. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This content is for your personal use only. Permission is not given to redistribute this content in any way, shape or form.

Beloved Ones,

We come on the wings of love! In the atmosphere around you, there is a feeling of expectancy, of anticipation for something greater to appear before your very eyes that will validate the shifts that have taken place within you. Dear Ones, we say look within yourselves – for the greatest shifts that have occurred and will continue to occur, are taking place within people’s consciousness. There have been many moments of revelation and validation for each of you.

It behooves you all to become more observant of the changes within your own thought processes to understand the enormity of what is now happening within the hearts of all humanity. Underlying all the outer happenings upon your planet there is a new energy, and that new energy is the move towards unity in all things and in all ways. The world’s people are beginning to discover that it is, indeed, a small world after all. 

It has started to sink into people’s awareness that it is very important for each person to make their choice and take their stand for all that is right and good. This is something that each soul knows inherently within their hearts and souls. All that needs to be done is to make claim to a higher, more enlightened way of being. The way before each person who does this will clear - every crooked place will straighten, each challenge met as if by magic.

It is imperative that each person start their day aligning to the Light and to spend a few moments several times throughout their day reaffirming that intention. This reinforces your motivation to continue to walk in the Light. Say these affirmations out loud, if it is possible, with great authority, for this further attracts the Light to you. Visualize, verbalize and intend a great column of Light around you at all times and know that you walk in peace, harmony, clarity and safety. 

Hold your Light, Dear Ones, whenever you hear your news media project gloom and doom through the airwaves. Remind yourselves that it is but an illusion and that you will not give your creative energy to these ideas and thoughts. Focus always on the Light that you are and that you hold. This Light has grown in intensity and brilliance and this is now what you are manifesting in the world around you.

You do not have to prove anything to anyone because you know who you are and that is sufficient. Strive to be open to integrating more of your Eternal Essence into your auric field and into your heart. The human heart has the capacity to expand to hold great levels of love and this is your task in the next months and years. Believe in your own ability to create the changes you desire in your world by simply BEING the Light that you are.

Be unswerving in your peaceful intentions and treat others with the greatest kindness and respect. Remember how it was for you during your awakening and how powerful the energies are that must be assimilated and fully integrated. This is what your brothers and sisters, and all of your loved ones are now experiencing, and they need your patience, support and encouragement. They need your peaceful calm and your confidence that all is well. They need to know that the process of ascension that they are going through is one that everyone and everything on Earth must go through. It is a turbulent ride that affects body, mind, emotions and spirit.

This is what you have been training for as you struggled mightily to overcome the temptations of duality of this plane of existence. You have made the grade, you have graduated, many of you have ascended to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Now it is time to use your wisdom and experience to make a difference in the lives and challenges of the people around you. By the Light that you are, they shall know you and seek you out. Be ready to serve the Divine in any way that you are called during these times.

Take time to be still and go within, listen to the voice of your Eternal Essence as It moves into position at the helm of your daily life and follow Its promptings. Trust that within you lies the greatest knowledge and wisdom of the ages, that this has always lain hidden in the depths of your being for just these times. It is time! Allow your brilliant Light to shine!

©Written by Marlene Swetlishoff.

Published September 30, 2021 on www.therainbowscribe.com by ©Marlene Swetlishoff, Author, Ascended Master, and originator of this content. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This content is for your personal use only. Permission is not given to redistribute this content in any way, shape or form!