LADY HOPE - MARCH 2020

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 I come on the wings of love! Beloved Ones, these days are filled with change, everywhere one looks, things are changing – structures are changing, the Earth itself is changing and this of course, brings the element and sensation of total chaos in the world and this is not so. There are only some changes that are occurring on the Earth level which are of concern at this time.

But then, Mother Earth needs to release all dark energies and negativity from within her being and this is happening. On the surface of the Earth, there are cleansings in the form of fires, hurricanes, winds, and floods that are happening as the Earth stretches herself to new horizons so that she can begin to ingest more Light from the cosmos in order that she can expand her very being.

As these energies are cleared, there is a higher, finer, more loving energy that takes its place. This is the divine feminine energy and it is beginning to permeate the atmosphere of the Earth in order to ease the change process in all of humanity and all of the other unseen life forms that also co-exist on this planet. All is well; all is as it should be. The changes that are occurring are those that are most needed on individual levels and on planetary levels. Everything that is happening is designed to be re-structured, reconfigured, recalibrated so that it truly serves the human population on this planet.

Up to this time, it has not been so but that is changing. What is required is patience, unconditional love, and compassion to let all that is coming forth have your acknowledgement without taking in those energies. Send everyone and everything upon the planet energies of love, for this is what is most sorely needed during these turbulent times. You who are reading this are those who have worked constantly and persisted in your dreams and visions of the new Earth– heaven on Earth. Know that it is occurring.

It always takes time for events and energies to filter from the highest realms into the physical realms. Be assured that it is occurring. Every one of you works together with us from the higher realms as one, to bring about the changes that need to happen. You may not remember doing this because a lot of this is happening on the etheric realms in your Light bodies - for each of you has developed your Light body to the point where you could easily slip into your Light body when your physical body lies asleep and so, we know each other well! We are all part of the same Family of Light!  

 We do this work together – we plan, we delegate, and we initiate and take action and then, we have to do it again the next day because of the changes that have occurred the previous day. All is in a state of flux and adjustment and re-calibration as I have said before. This is how it will continue until the Earth ascends. That may be some time from now, Beloved Ones, do not despair, things do not happen instantly on the Earth plane, it takes time and so, keep on keeping on. Do all that is within your power to do, hold your Light steady, hold your visions ever before you, do all that you can to maintain peace, calm and balance which is so very helpful for this planet during these times.

I AM Lady Hope

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