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                    MARY MAGDALENE - DECEMBER 2020


The above image of Mary Magdalene was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! For many of you, these current times call upon you to dig deeper and then deeper still to purge any and all old paradigm thoughts and feelings that may still lurk in the cells of your physical body and as these come forward, you are recognizing these to have originated with others in your sphere of influence which had an effect upon you that left you frustrated because you saw that you could not change someone else's perception of certain events. You saw that the change had to be made in the other person/people and until and unless that change occurred, the situation in question would not abate or go away but would remain as a canker sore in those individuals.

You who love peace and harmony in your life find this situation a sore spot too and so when it comes up for review through the others or even through extended well meaning others, you can be triggered too and because you love these people, you react rather than respond in trying to find a resolution and a healing to occur. When it is people who are close to you, it is difficult to remain detached and patient, waiting for the day that they will see from a higher perspective, from the perspective of love as the bottom line. You it is who knows that a thoughtful loving response could open the door to greater healing, understanding or insight to manifest but you reacted in a totally human way instead. 

This does not mean you have failed in your spiritual beliefs or what you stand for. It simply means it is a temporary event and you have learned much from it so that perhaps next time your response will come from a more patient perspective. These types of situations are occurring within every family unit from every walk of life across the length and breadth of the planet during these times so that everyone gets an opportunity to heal themselves so they can move forward in their spiritual growth and evolutionary journey as a divine spark of the Creator. Just try to get your balance and equilibrium back as quickly as possible. It is helpful to find another focus that will help you to rebalance.

And so we advise spending as much time outdoors as is possible as this will ground you into Mother Earth and bring stability. Finding a spot outdoors that brings you a sense of relaxation and peace where you can retreat to when you need it is an important consideration. If there is no place outdoors that can be utilized, then perhaps creating a personal space within your home would work, somewhere you could set up a table and chair, maybe a little fountain that bubbles up a trickle of water that will have a soothing effect on your mental and emotional outlook. Placing your favorite crystals on the table that always help to restore your equilibrium will be of assistance. A selenite crystal wand is very effective in restoring one's etheric body back to harmony and calm. Just hold the crystal in your left hand for about twenty minutes and you will feel a positive difference.

Then just sitting in quiet stillness, peace and calm in a meditative state will restore your sense that all is well in your world and that life is good. For in truth, it is so! It is also helpful to remind yourself who and what you really are with words such as, 'Who am I? I am Light.' 'Who am I? I am love incarnate here on Earth.' 'Who am I? I am wisdom'. 'Who am I? I am goodness incarnate here on Earth'. 'Who am I? I am the grace of God personified'. Statements such as these (and there can be many more) repeated to yourself in trying times helps you to realign with your higher aspects and Eternal Divine Essence. Soon you will be smiling, for in truth, your spiritual guides are present during these circumstances to help this happen!

You are deeply loved,

I AM Mary Magdalene

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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