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The above image of Mary Magdalene was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Mary Magdalene - February 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Truly these times are turning life as it has been lived on the planet inside out and upside down! It is difficult to read the energy as it streams, flashes and flows through the atmosphere of the planet. Even those who are able to foresee what is likely to occur are finding it difficult to stay focused for any length of time, for everything moves at quantum speed when one is operating from the higher consciousness levels. There is a balancing of polarity energies that is occurring and will continue to occur for an indefinite period of time, both within individuals and in the human collective field.

You, the Lightworkers, are now becoming seasoned surfers of the energy streams as they move through the electromagnetic currents of the planet Earth. It is helpful each day to realign to one’s core essence by stating the words to bring it into manifestation: “I am a perfect eternal expression of the Source”. As a member of the God kingdom which is anchored here on Earth, it is in your power and authority to state firmly and confidently that which you desire to manifest here on Earth that is in alignment with the highest good for all. Begin to practice this activity with sincere intent and the knowledge that you are supported by the universe and the Family of Light in the unseen realms.

Always do this from a point of neutrality to ensure that your powerful intent will do no harm to anyone or anything that may come into your sphere of influence. You are sovereign beings and can choose your reality – you always had this right but were encouraged by external forces to believe yourselves helpless. When you focus and change your belief around this, then you can create a different reality. How to change your reality? Be very clear about what you want – “I want to live! I want to be in excellent health and vibrant youthful vitality! I want to be in joy! I want to have fun! I want to sing, dance and laugh! I want to do what makes my heart sing!”

Understand that the fullness of the physical body in its natural state is that of well-beingness. One has also to take into consideration the whole being, the mental and emotional as well, in order to transform the body back into its natural state of well-beingness. You create your reality, your exterior reality, your day to day life, according to what you believe, even when those beliefs do not serve you at all. Changing the way you think about yourselves and your circumstances is how you learn that you are okay. By shifting your mindset as you enter into each day, you feel happier and more joyful and it dramatically changes your response to your current hardships.

It is important to remember you are on planet Earth, and that focus and strength of will are essential to achieving your goals, especially in these times. You may be experiencing some changes in your life that may make you question your goals. Take advantage of all the spiritual growth you are experiencing now. Take care to remain open to sudden psychic experiences or revelations that may facilitate such growth. Much has changed within you in the past year.

Tune into a higher aspect of yourself that you may have ignored and know you are playing a role in the Divine plan. You could have a revelation that allows you to see the root of a problem in the coming days. Any blockages to your spiritual progress will be released and the way will become clear. You may start to notice increased moments of creative inspiration. These are the universe's way of directing you toward fulfilling your desires. Remember to always stay focused on the positive aspects of your desires to prevent unconsciously manifesting what you don’t want.

Be bold, be brave in this journey of becoming! Humanity is at the beginning of a greater reality and it is up to humanity to help shape this new reality and determine which direction it will go. It is completely uncharted territory for each individual that they are exploring for the first time and it is unlike anything they have ever known. Make a conscious decision to focus your attention beyond that which lies before you now that you know is not working. Talk to the angels often and make a conscious decision to redirect your attention to begin the journey that will surely culminate in the fulfillment of your magnificent destiny.

I AM Mary Magdalene

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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