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                           Mary Magdalene - March 2021


The above image of Mary Magdalene was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The days before us promise to bring much change, both within human consciousness and human operating systems. As well, this will be mirrored back through the changes that happen on your planet. You, the Lightworkers, have yet to grasp fully that you are now working from a higher vibrational level and you have been operating 'in between' two worlds as they come into full alignment together. This is an ongoing process and not one that will happen quickly and so, a lot of you are feeling alone and deserted by your family of Light.

We wish to bring to your awareness that you feel alone because you are in new territory, it is what is referred to as new Earth reality. You are the ones who have 'made it' so to speak. There are not yet many who are at this level of consciousness and awareness and so, sometimes you feel grief and loss and being ungrounded, and that is a natural reaction to this phenomenon. This place of being, this new field, is vast beyond imagining and is ready for development and expansion and you it is who have first opportunity to make your mark upon it.

Choose your thoughts, visions and imaginings with great and fully conscious care. Keep in mind that you are at a level now where these thoughts can quickly become 'things' made manifest! Let every effort you make in this field of potential be a sacred one, dedicated to our Source Creator. Imbue every intention you make with the clear Light of the 14th Ray so that this is the highest energy that will fill this space which will then become a holy place for everyone to enjoy and experience.

There are higher energies that will become more available in the future but we want to make this a field that is inclusive for ALL of Earth's human inhabitants to give them the opportunity in future times to gradually embody the Source of their being, otherwise referred to in ancient writings as the Adam Kadmon body. There is a process that is occurring within each individual who has reached a certain level of spiritual awareness and attainment which involves the placement of electrons within their upgraded and more highly developed chakra system.

It is Source who discerns when each soul is ready for further expansion of Light and understanding within their being into that of the ultimate body of Light, the perfected form made in the image of the Source of their being. This perfected form is a body of Light that is formed on higher dimensional levels and this is the further spiritual objective of those who are and have been on the spiritual path for many, many lifetimes and are now reaching a maturation of divine understanding. This is something that will occur in the future for humankind as they further evolve spiritually through their soul experiences on this planet and other star systems.

I am grateful for this opportunity to bring forward this message.

I AM Mary Magdalene.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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