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Mary Magdalene - September 2020

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The wheels within wheels keep spinning as the well laid plans that have been prepared for these times by those who do not have the highest and best intent towards the people of the world keep surfacing into the full view of the collective of humanity, and the picture that is presented from this exposure is not a pretty one. We advise each individual to do due diligence in following these stories until one is satisfied that what is presented is the truth. Your heart knows – if followed – it can help you see more of the whole picture of what is actually happening. There are many distortions to the truth that is circulated amongst humanity at this time.

It is important to stay true to self and work in conjunction with one’s own internal guidance system and the Beings of Light and love who have brought you this far on your highest path of self mastery. They are the keepers of your trust and this is something they value, appreciate and hold sacred. They will not let you down as the Earth moves and changes from one frequency level to another in the coming times. Indeed, there are some places on the planet that are already in the higher dimensions (where you are situated) and as the enlightened Beings living on the planet (YOU) can understand, these areas can be increased in size by intending each day that you are vibrating at the highest frequency level that it is possible to on Earth in the here and now.

One does that by daily intention, that one’s personal sphere of influence and higher frequency level can extend gradually to ever increasing circumference, starting, for example, for a distance of ten miles or kilometres on the first day then increasing that distance to twenty miles or kilometers the following day and forty the following day and so on until you are intending this sphere of higher frequency to extend one thousand miles or kilometres in circumference as your daily intention – always intended for the highest and greatest good of all. This is how you become a more effective influence on the surface of the planet. It must be stated that calling upon the archangels and your personal guides and all five elemental beings (from the earth, air, fire, water and starlight elements) to assist you with this daily practice before you begin is an important first step.

When your intention is verbally stated and completed, ask your Team to maintain and sustain this increased frequency level and circumference until the next time. In that way, your efforts are never dissipated in their effectiveness. As you persist in this activity, you will find yourself feeling empowered and will perhaps be inspired to use this same format to focus on other specific areas of the world that are of concern to you where you can place a sphere of higher frequency and intend it to expand in its circumference. When more of enlightened humanity starts using such methods to create positive change in their world, these individual spheres of higher frequency will begin to connect with each other and create a field of higher frequency that can eventually encompass the entire planet!

I AM Mary Magdalene

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