MARY MAGDALENE - AUGUST 2020


The above image of Mary Magdalene was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 

 Beloved Ones,

 I come on the wings of love! Like a searing Light in the heavens, your intention to step into your higher purpose and destiny has been noted and recorded in your Book of Life. Clarity has been regained and is being fully integrated in all aspects of your being and all aspects of your outer life. Your word is law! You have been doing the work of introspection and revisiting of original karmic contracts that have now been cleared and have expired – you have only to acknowledge this and ask for guidance on forward movement.

Trust is the key to your ongoing spiritual and personal progression – with you, there is always the primary force of the divine at work, it can be no other way, all must work out for the greatest good for everyone, for then your heart is at peace and truly free. The bridges to this new reality are even now being built. Be open and observant in the times ahead and you will intuit that a greater plan for your life is unfolding. Look for the signs and confirmations along the way.

Spirit is supporting you as you reach beyond each day in order to surpass the former you that you were yesterday. These are strange, very interesting and exciting times to be alive on this planet. What is really exciting is that the page in your Book of Life each day also includes creating a new field to work from in the collective consciousness of the new world reality…it is all open and full of potential and promise. It is a do-able project…trust, trust, and more trust! How does it feel to have this kind of power? Are you even aware that you hold this power as you go about solving and resolving the events of each day?

We say to you that you must be ever vigilant in reminders to yourself that you are now in a new way of living, one that is more sacred and filled with profound meaning and purpose. You it is who knows that the way forward is service to others…this is the royal duty of the order of all things…those who have attained high consciousness and awareness are inherently cognizant of the true meaning of the word and fact of royalty – they know it means they now have more sacred responsibility to create only that which is balanced and whole so that it ultimately serves the greatest good.

Those who walk the royal path have been sanctified and filled with the Presence of the Holy One and this has been witnessed by the entirety of the universe. They walk in an impenetrable shield of Light and protection for they are ever holding the vision of God in their consciousness. There is no room left for the temptations of the lower worlds – for these worlds have been left behind irrevocably and it is impossible to go back to them. But then, who would want to go back when the new way before them beckons with such exciting possibilities. Anchor it in, Beloved Ones, anchor it in and be in joy and at peace…it is the new way!

I AM Mary Magdalene.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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