MARY MAGDALENE - FEBRUARY 2020

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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love!  As you move through your days, you will find that the intensity of incoming energies will soften somewhat so that you feel lighter, more uplifted and inspired. The heaviness of previous energy downloads from off-planet will now bring renewed strength and the ability to move forward towards new goals and plans. For some of you, these new energies will help you to complete projects that seemed difficult to culminate fully before.

This will be an opportune time to do so and be supported by the energies as they flow through you and around you. Thinking positive and happy thoughts will no longer seem as though you are going against a current in the opposite direction than you intended. You will regain more clarity, able to define once again, who and what you really are, and move steadily forward on your path of ascension into higher and higher levels of consciousness, awareness, understanding and perception.

You also have the ability and the opportunity to receive more Light into your physical body and to fully integrate it into all aspects of your spiritual being. Your daily life circumstances will feel happier and filled with wonder and magic. The possibilities and potentials of all the options that you have before you will be made clearer to you. The blockages to all the good that is for you will begin to dissipate and suddenly, you will be experiencing happy occurrences that seemed impossible to achieve before.

These opportunities will now rise before you and you will feel more positive and confident in your understanding of them and where you actually fit in within the Divine Plan for your life and for the planet. You will see that you have already been walking upon the higher path you have chosen as a soul living in a world of duality and that you have been accomplishing miracles in your soul evolution all along. You ARE on track and you always have been! It is time to relax a little and nurture yourself!

Let the future take care of itself, for does not everything work out for the best in the end? This is the time to go within and see how expanded your consciousness has become from even one month ago. It is commendable how far you have come in a short space of linear time! You are already looking at the next step before you and seeing how that might look with added focus and attention and you are seeing it as possible and workable. You are ones who always forge ahead full steam when the path before you clears!

I AM Mary Magdalene

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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