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                 MARY MAGDALENE - JANUARY 2020


The above image of Mary Magdalene was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff by ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The Divine Feminine energies are now amping up in their intensity and focus. You, the Lightworkers of the world, are asked to open your heart to these energies to receive the love and support that we, the Lady Masters and Goddesses in their entirety are sending to your world. The time of bringing balance of opposing energies in the polarity field has come and you, whatever gender you are representing, are the conduits and the carriers of it. When you look at the chaos now playing out on the world stage, feel compassion and direct the pink ray of divine love into the new crystalline grids that are now being activated.


 Know that this role you are performing is extremely important and that there are forces in resistance at this very moment to these energies. Hold the Light and the love of the Divine Feminine in faith, hope and devotion to the call being made by us. Align yourself with strong intent with the Divine feminine and see it perfectly balanced with the Divine masculine. See the infinity symbol glowing with the pink ray of Divine love overlighting the entire planet and hold this image as long as you can each time you work with it. The infinity symbol is a simple but powerful image of perfect balance in all things. Use it often in your daily Light work to bring Divine order in all ways!

Our beloved Scribe is experiencing the power of the energetic downloads that this message brings to you and it is deeply felt within her spinal column. It requires rest in order to assimilate and integrate and the drinking of water to help the process along…do not forget to do this after reading this message for it is very helpful! The energies of the Divine Feminine will connect you to the creative energies and will uplift and inspire you in the days ahead to manifest new creations that will assist yourself and all of humanity to reclaim their God-given birthright to experience all that is aligned with the higher dimensions and the God kingdom.

This opens the way for more Light and the powerful force of unconditional love to begin its influence upon your planet and all her inhabitants. The world is more than ready for this to begin…the time has come for this re-balancing to occur. The tendency of humanity is to focus on all that is not good or not working in their world and it is time to change that focus to create a new template that highlights all that is good and right in their world. And there IS MUCH that is good and aligned with the higher dimensions that only need to be focused upon with more intensity and dedication!

 Stay the course, Beloved Ones, and keep the faith…you are the hope of your ever changing world! You it is who uphold the perpetuation of the higher order of new life and new beginnings that are now coming into view. Keep shining and radiating the new higher dimensional reality by declaring “I am in the new reality, I am in the new reality, I am in the new reality!” as often as you can in the times ahead. Know that you are loved and supported in this endeavor and that your efforts are magnified!

I AM Mary Magdalene.

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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